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New Class A Office Building Investment!

The SVN|3CRE team recently listed a Class A Office building located in Montgomery, Ohio, which is in the heart of the most robust retail and office submarkets in Cincinnati.  Both the Kenwood Mall and the new Kenwood collection are within a mile. The building is...

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The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Management Company

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Management Company by David Lindahl Are you maximizing your time as a real estate investor? Time is money in any business, and nothing is closer to the truth than within the real estate niche. While you could certainly attempt to...

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Mortgage News

Before I started in the commercial real estate industry with 3CRE | SVN, I was in the residential Mortgage industry for over four years. Much has changed about how financing is done since the housing industry bubble burst in 2008. The good news is that lending is on...

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Optimism In Commercial Real Estate

Cincinnati  Commercial real estate executives appear relatively optimistic about the general state of
 the market in 2016, with many predicting higher than average deal volumes for their firms. When considering the adoption of new technology, most believe that the...

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10 Multifamily Markets to Watch

Not necessarily the largest or the most actively contested markets, the 2016 Multifamily Markets to Watch are each at an important juncture that presents unique opportunities for investment. Together, they reflect the diversity of trends that is driving the economy...

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