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Value-Add Strategies You Never Thought Of

In apartments, the options on ways to increase the value of the property are only limited by the owner’s creativity. In this article, I will list just some of the endless ways to add value. I’ll start off with some of the more “conventional” ideas and work...

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10 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Business Broker

Many business owners believe they can do it alone when it comes to transferring ownership of a business. Below are only some of the reasons it is crucial to hire a business broker when buying or selling a company. Below we are going to explain to you how...

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3CRE in collaboration with Scene75

3CRE is excited to announce our latest project we have been working in collaboration with Scene75. 3CRE Commercial Real Estate represented Scene 75 in their purchase of the former Macy's at Tuttle Mall in Columbus, Ohio. We want to congratulate Les Sandler and Jonah...

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The Silver Tsunami

With the Baby Boomers now ranging in age from 54-73 the “senior living” market is, well, BOOMING. This generation encompasses a whopping 78.8 million people. Many companies calling it the hottest 2018 CRE investment, and something that even beginner...

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The Madison Square project!

There are several up and coming areas around Cincinnati, with current favorite being Madisonville! Here are some projects we have been following the development on and are excited to see the finished results. The project, which is now called Madison Square, is the...

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3CRE visits Pin Deck!!!!

The Pin Deck, a boutique bowling concept from the owners of Scene75 Entertainment Center, is now open! 3CRE visited on the grand opening November 22 and approve of the new modern styled bowling alley as not only a great place for the family but a fun local hangout....

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How Can 3CRE Help With Your Midwest Investments?

HOW 3CRE CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR MIDWEST INVESTMENTS? West Chester Commercial real estate investment opportunities in the Midwest provide investors to maximize returns on their real estate portfolios. 3CRE provides a full range of services to help you enter and...

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3CRE sponsoring the Josh Altman event!

3CRE is proud to announce that it will be sponsoring the Josh Altman event with our clients NRL mortgage. Josh Altman is a top producing residential and commercial real estate agent from Los Angeles who was cast in a starring role on the hit Bravo television show...

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Finding The Path Of Progress PODCAST!

Our very own Tryfon Christoforou of 3CRE was featured in the very first episode of FINDING THE PATH OF PROGRESS! John Casmon is the co-founder of Casmon Capital Group, a Chicago-based real estate investment firm. He controls and actively manages over $2.5M in real...

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