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 The Columbus OH commercial real estate market is poised for an era of growth, expansion, and diversification as our state capital continues to attract new and exciting businesses. The demand for Columbus OH commercial properties of all types is rising fast after years of decline. In the coming years, government and other financial forecasts predict a marked rise in the demand for office space, retail real estate, and multi-family housing developments. With the resurgence now in full swing, it is a buyer’s market for investors.


While investing in real estate is full of opportunity, it is not without risk. It is imperative that you partner with local experts to help you identify the best opportunities, lay out a long-term plan, facilitate the sale process, and when the time comes, manage your properties so you can focus on maximizing your profit. Even the most experienced investors have made purchases that have turned into long-term disasters and major financial losses. With our access to new listings and expertise in the Columbus OH market, we can help you navigate the risks and find the best opportunities for your investment goals. The slightest mistake can result in a major loss in profit. We also specialize in commercial real estate in Dayton, Ohio.  

Why Columbus real estate investors continue to turn to us

Our expertise and local connections are just part of the reason why investors in commercial and residential real estate continue to choose 3CRE to help identify high-ROI opportunities, negotiate and execute deals, and manage properties across Columbus OH. 3CRE offers professional and reliable Columbus property management services for residential and commercial properties in the Columbus area.

Unrivaled Expertise

3CRE was founded by a broker with over 2 decades of experience in the local area. The rest of our firm is comprised of agents with decades of combined local experience themselves, with a focus on commercial real estate deals. This allows us to identify opportunities and risks that others would miss as well as aid you in navigating the complex real estate marketplace that has sprung up during the recent resurgence in the Ohio business landscape.

Expert Negotiations

At the heart of every negotiation is the notion that both sides want to get a deal done. Nobody understands this better than we do. However, we fully realize that each negotiation is a delicate process, and when commercial real estate is involved, there could be tens of millions of dollars at stake. Unlike other brokerage firms, we take a collaborative approach to negotiations. This allows us to both fight for our clients’ best interests and work toward actually getting a beneficial deal done. Too many negotiations end up in deadlock because one side gets too greedy. Not here.

Forward Thinking Analytics:

Nothing rivals boots-on-the-ground experience in Columbus OH local neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use analytics to aid our search. We crunch hard numbers using financial analytics to help identify the highest-earning properties as well as forecast financial trends to help you stay ahead of the curve. There are millions of dollars worth of Columbus OH commercial real estate for sale; we help you find the right kind.

We Get Deals Done

We make the entire commercial real estate purchasing process is as hands-off as possible for you. We’ll even draft up the lease or other documentation and make sure everything is in order. All you’ll need to do is sign on the dotted line.

Elite Customer Service

As a commercial real estate investor, you aren’t tied down to one area. But investing in property in Columbus OH is difficult when you’re based across the country. If your broker isn’t fully communicative, transparent, and detailed, you will lose money in the long run. We are known for our elite customer service. We keep in close contact with you throughout the process, making sure you are aware of every detail. You’ll never be in the dark with us.

The Advantages of a Commercial Real Estate Broker

As your commercial property consultant, broker, and manager, partnering with us brings you major advantages over doing it yourself. Columbus OH Commercial real estate is extremely complex and requires dozens of tedious tasks each day just to maintain. As your full-service broker, we will take care of everything from end to end.
We will help you get the most out of your investment dollar by:

Saving You Time

When you own multiple commercial units, it’s impossible to manage each one, especially if you also have a full-time job and a family to look after. In this business, the saying that time is money is true. Every hour you spend interviewing tenants, responding to complaints, researching new opportunities, or fighting with the city council is an hour you aren’t spending growing your portfolio, relaxing with your family, or just getting away from it all for a few hours. With 3CRE, you can let us handle all of the tasks that you don’t have time for. Our services are scalable, too. You can choose as much or as little help as you’d like.

Increasing Your ROI

As we said before, commercial real estate is extremely complex and volatile. Even the slightest mistake can have reverberations down the line. If you choose to go it alone, you could invest in the wrong property, pay tens of thousands of dollars more than you should, or wind up signing unfavorable leases that limit your earning potential for a decade. We find that the biggest challenge for our clients is increasing their ROI while maintaining a balance with their personal lives and other commitments. 3CRE will set a foundation for growth by ensuring that you only invest in the best properties, negotiate favorable deals that save you money, and select the best tenants for your buildings. Your investment dollar will go much further with a broker than it would alone.

Freeing you from Constraints

The last thing you want is to be tied to your investment property. When you hire 3CRE, you can leave everything to us. You can go live in California if you want. You can stay here. It doesn’t matter. As an investor, you don’t want to have your hands tied. With us, you can go in search of new opportunities while making money

Decreasing Your Stress

You know all of those stressful and tedious tasks that drive most investors insane? 3CRE handles them all. We will find you the best tenants so your long-term issues will be limited. We will collect rent so you don’t have to. We will even handle the eviction process and deal with the government on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your money grow.

Being the Employer

If you want to go it alone, then you will be responsible as an employer to hire personnel to manage your properties, handle your legal issues, and draft leases as well as other responsibilities. This opens you up to a new list of legal and tax issues that will be a drain on your time and resources. By using a broker, you contract with us and we handle all of the employees, ridding yourself of the issues that normally make life difficult for investors.

Planning for the Future

One of our most valuable services is optimizing our client’s long-term investment strategy in the local area. While you are busy focusing on your business, we can keep an eye on local trends and allow you to focus on what you do best. We will always be in the know in terms of the best deals in town, and we keep our clients abreast of all major developments. If there is a ripe money-making opportunity, we will find it and let you know about it.

Why choose 3CRE as your Columbus commercial real estate broker?


3CRE are local experts on commercial real estate for sale Columbus OH. Our advisors have decades of combined experience researching, identifying, valuing, and completing transactions on large-scale commecommercial real estate financingrcial real estate. Over the years, we have forged deep personal relationships with the agents, businesspeople, and other individuals who drive local business growth, giving us unrivaled access to inside info on the best deals.
By utilizing our financial acumen, business ties, and years of experience executing high-ROI real estate deals, you mitigate the risks that cause so many to fail. We provide end-to-end services with a focus on close, frequent, and detailed communication. Our goal is to maximize your long-term profit and help you achieve your financial goals by taking the most tedious and burdensome responsibilities off of your shoulders.

In partnering with us, you gain a long-term financial advisor that has successfully completed tens of millions in real estate sales.

Why now is the time to invest in commercial real estate in Columbus OH

Even though the recession hit the Midwest particularly hard, Columbus was able to resist with its diverse economy. Classic sectors like government, education, defense, and aviation held strong even when most other markets were in a bad way. Still, the overall economy did experience a dip, especially in terms of real estate. However, a series of factors have led to a resurgence in recent times. Investments from both the private and public sectors, as well as a diversification of the local economy, have led to increased demand for a number of commercial and residential properties, including Cincinnati property management. New developments are attracting businesses and residents to Columbus OH in large quantities. This is creating major opportunities for real estate investors. As corporate growth pushes the city forward, there is increased demand for:

  • Office Space: New and exciting industries like information technology and medical research facilities are driving the demand for office space.

  • Retail Stores: A restructuring of the city’s economy coupled with an influx of educated professionals has fueled increased demand for modern retail outlets and trendy shops.

  • Multi-Family Units: As young Millennials forsake the suburbs in favor of the big city lights, Columbus needs multi-family units more than any other time in recent memory. As the demand for condos grows, so will the value of properties you purchase now.

  • Industrial Space: Columbus has been a center of manufacturing since its birth. As the defense, aviation, and tech manufacturing industries continue to see solid growth, more and more companies will flock to Columbus in search of industrial space.

  • Leisure Properties: Columbus might not strike you as a vacation capital, but as more high-earning professionals and modern businesses move into the city’s core, the demand for leisure properties will continue to rise. Hotels, spas, restaurants, and bars will continue to fill in around residential and commercial spaces to meet the demand for young professionals, travelers, and business visitors.

While the numbers have leveled off after a steady increase, they are still well above numbers from just a few years prior. Asking prices for rent are steadily on the rise.

This means now is the time to buy. This is directly in the sweet spot for investors. The prices are still low enough that making an investment won’t tie up too much of your capital, but future earning potential is high. Buy low, sell high—that’s the name of the game.

The skyline continues to grow, rental prices are increasing, property values are set to rise, and more and more professionals and their families are coming to the city. That’s all great news for investors. Unlike more traditional business centers, prices are still low enough here that there is immense potential. There’s never been a better time to invest in Columbus OH commercial real estate.

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Our end-to-end services start by helping you find high-potential commercial real estate, new properties in the best neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio, and run all the way through negotiating the deal and handling your property management responsibilities. We’ll even collect the rent every month.

Partnering with 3CRE will decrease your stress, save you time, and increase your profits. Talk to us today to see why Ohioans continue to turn to us to optimize their commercial investment strategy with new properties. 

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