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3CRE Commercial Real Estate in Cincinnati Ohio

3CRE is Cincinnati’s leading commercial real estate broker and management firm. We have been helping investors maximize their profits in the Cincinnati region for years. Our advisors help investors and businesses create winning connections in the local area. With us, you can quickly buy, sell, or lease commercial properties in prime locations fast.

We’ve built a loyal following across the city because we believe in putting our client’s needs first.

We’ve helped major international names like Verizon, Subway, and Rite Aid adapt and thrive in the local market with our unique, people-first real estate philosophy.

3CRE pioneered the modern commercial real estate market in this city. Our blend of insider connections, market expertise, and customer service has helped us build a loyal following among Cincinnati’s business elite.

Our network gives you access to the best locations, bankers, attorneys, market data, and property managers in the local area. We are the only point of contact you will ever need in this town.

Commercial Property Services in Cincinnati:

  • Disposition, Acquisition, and Leasing Representation: We offer full-service brokering for your entire portfolio. Our process of financial modeling, underwriting, and negotiating skills ensure maximum long-term investment value.
  • Commercial market research and analytics: 3CRE combines 21st-century technology with old school strategies. We predict market trends and protect your assets long-term while putting you in a position to cash in on high-potential properties.
  • Commercial Asset Valuation: We know Cincinnati and we know what properties are worth. As your local broker, we’ll tell you what is a golden ticket to wealth and what’s a money pit waiting to eat into your pockets.
  • Tenant and Lease Abstracts: Our lease abstracts are written in plain English so you and your tenants don’t waste time and money pouring over documents to settle disputes.
  • Property Management: 3CRE pioneered a unique form of property management. It has helped us revitalize entire communities in some of Cincinnati’s toughest neighborhoods. Our property managers will be proactive and increase your property’s value while being on a first-name basis with your tenants.
  • Custom Marketing: 3CRE has sold properties in record time at prices well over their forecasted value. How? Cutting-edge custom marketing campaigns. Digital photography, social media, drone footage_we now exactly how to sell properties fast in this town.
  • Tenant Site Selection: Our knowledge of tenant sites is the kind of knowledge you can’t get from a report or online. We can take one look at a property and know if will be successful or not. We’ve helped multinational chains find prime locations that have surpassed forecasted sales with just a single tour of the property. We’ll even use advanced analytics to pair your business goals with the perfect demographics in the right locations.
  • Leasing: Leave the leasing to us and we’ll help maintain your property while increasing its long-term value.

The 3CRE Difference

There’s a reason why major national corporations contact 3CRE first: We know Cincinnati. Our local connectiDefferenceons give you access to deals and information you can’t get anywhere else.

  • We know Cincinnati: Our decades of combined experience in this city give us access to off-market 
  • deals and influential people. In short, we know people who get things done here. If you need an attorney, broker, manager, investor, or just a trained eye to take a look at a property, we know the right person for the job.
  • Over a BILLION in real estate transactions: You don’t sell a billion dollars worth of real estate for no good reason. This one speaks for itself.
  • Constant communication: We’ll constantly be in contact and keep you updated about the status of your property or business. You might even get annoyed with us. We’re talking phone calls even when you don’t ask us for them!
  • End-to-end solutions: From locating the perfect office space to negotiating the contract and managing the property, our team works 24/7 so you don’t have to. Just sit back and watch your property grow in value while we work our magic.
  • Values: Our core values guide our every move. We believe in shared responsibility, accountability, fairness, and exceptional customer service. We only act with the client’s needs in mind and we never waiver in our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Now is the Time to Buy Commercial Real Estate in Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s commercial real estate market is booming. This is the most lucrative the market has been in decades. As businesses continue to flee traditional business centers, they are flocking to the Midwest’s fastest-growing city in droves.

Now is the time to get in on the action. There’s never been a better time to get a local commercial real estate agent to help you tap into the lucrative potential of investing in this region.


3CRE Handles all Types of Commercial Properties for Lease, Rent, or Sale in Cincinnati

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3CRE is Cincinnati’s leading commercial real estate broker and manager. With over a billion dollars worth of real estate transactions and deep local expertise, our connections, analysis, and real estate knowledge help our clients buy, sell, or rent fast. Our goal is to help our clients build long-term wealth by locating prime investment or business opportunities, facilitating major real estate projects, and managing the property’s long-term growth for years to come.

There is a difference between 3CRE and other brokers: our personal network gives us access to movers and shakers in the local community. You can’t get that with any other brokerage. We handle the entire spectrum of commercial real estate. Including office and retail space, multi-family properties, and industrial complexes.

If you need acquisition, deposition, property management, site selection, marketing, or any other commercial real estate services in Cincinnati, 3CRE is knows Cincinnati better than any other.


Key Takeaways

3CRE is a Cincinnati property management firm that focuses on people

First name basis with tenants, proactive phone calls and maintenance solutions, we put people first and the rest falls into place

3CRE’s local knowledge gives you access to off-market deals that investors dream about

We are a hands-on firm. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty

Our services increase your ROI, give you more free time, and take all the stress out of managing properties

Work with us and experience the 3CRE difference: long-term, high-ROI properties and increased value




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We look forward to assisting you with your commercial real estate needs. How can we help?

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