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If you are looking for a commercial property in Cincinnati, don't look past 3CRE Commercial Real Estate


Welcome to 3CRE, a leading broker of Commercial Real Estate Cincinnati Ohio. We specialize in locating, purchasing, and managing commercial office, retail, industrial, and multi-family residential properties across the greater Cincinnati area. Our goal is to provide maximum value to our clients through a combination of deep local knowledge, sound decision making, and decades of combined experience in finding, valuing, and managing properties.

Whether your goal is to minimize your operating costs, increase long-term flexibility, locate properties in the Midwest’s burgeoning tech, trade, or construction industries, or plan for retirement by taking advantage of Ohio’s lucrative real estate market, we have the experience and business connections to get you there.

The value of commercial property for sale in Cincinnati continues to rise. Now is the right time to let 3CRE find the perfect property for you.

Why Work With 3CRE Cincinnati?

Investing in commercial real estate is widely recognized as superior to investing in residential real estate. Not only are the potential returns higher and guaranteed over longer periods of time (businesses prefer 5-10-year leases) but you rarely encounter the long list of personal issues that arise when renting someone’s home. However, that does not mean it is without risk. In fact, it’s the opposite. Not only is Cincinnati commercial real estate constantly in flux but investing in the commercial market also presents you with several new challenges.

For example:

  • A larger up-front investment
  • Difficulties in finding tenants (there are far more regular citizens than business owners)
  • Difficult valuations
  • Tough negotiations (business is business!)
  • Various daily management tasks

As your full-service commercial real estate manager and broker, we will work with you end-to-end to make this process seamless for you and to ensure you achieve the maximum return on your investment. From helping you locate properties ripe with potential and handling the tough negotiations to drafting the lease and managing the day-to-day responsibilities, 3CRE provides value that few others can. So whether you need someone to locate the perfect industrial building to rent to new manufacturers in the area or just need a company to collect the rent and manage your tenants, we are the right choice in the local area.

Nobody knows commercial real estate in Cincinnati like us. We’ll help you with current information on government regulations and provide excellent market knowledge of the best areas in Cincinnati for your business property. There are a few reasons why our clients continue to work with us time and time again:

  • Decades of combined experience in the local area
  • Tens of millions of dollars in properties evaluated
  • Personal connection in the local business world
  • Financial expertise to ensure you get the best deal possible
  • Elite customer service centered on detailed communication


In the years since the recession, commercial real estate in Cincinnati, Ohio has steadily regained its balance. Retail property, in particular, has seen a rise in post-recession time. In fact, the retail market averaged one million square feet of positive net absorption annually from 2010 to 2015. By 2013, the market had totally rebounded. In the following years, it began an upward trend that is really starting to gain steam.

Now, the market is witnessing a steady upward trend that’s outpacing the national average. Actually, Cincinnati’s economy is now the largest in Ohio, ahead of traditional rivals Cleveland and Columbus. Everything from our below-average vacancy rate to the affordable price for retail space points to an economy ready to break out. Things are already better than they’ve been in nearly a decade, and financial forecasts show that there are no signs of it slowing down.

Why now is the time to buy

In real estate, as in all business, you want to buy low and sell high. When it comes to investing in Cincinnati real estate investing, your goal is to find properties in high-potential areas that will give you the best chance to turn a long-term profit. Right now, Cincinnati in the midst of a mini economic boom. As the fastest growing economy in the Midwest, this city’s mix of traditional industries such as manufacturing alongside a growing tech and trade market make it the perfect place to find high-potential deals.

Currently, the market is in the sweet spot: long-term growth on the horizon but prices still affordable enough to break into the market. There’s never been a better time to buy.

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The Different Types of Commercial Property Listings

Commercial real estate is a term that paints with a broad brush. In terms of the local properties we specialize in, commercial real estate may refer to:

    • Retail space
    • Office buildings
    • Multi-family residential properties
    • Land

Industrial buildings

In general, any building or plot of land that is intended to be used for commercial purposes, including residences containing more than one family, is considered commercial real estate. Let’s discuss some of these properties in more detail, and how they relate to your search for the perfect commercial property in Cincinnati, Ohio.

3CRE Commercial Real Estate sets an extremely high standard in the commercial real estate market for Cincinnati

Financial analysts across the nation predicted a major decline in brick and mortar retail shopping with the advent of online megastores like Amazon. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The retail market may have shifted but it is as strong as it’s ever been.

Those businesses which have purchased commercial real estate in Cincinnati’s optimal retail areas are still thriving, and our city’s growing middle class is helping to drive growth across multiple retail sectors. As the city continues to attract middle-class tech workers, demand is on the rise for high-end retail space in trendy areas. It’s important for you to know which areas are the best for your business when searching for a retail property. As your property broker, we will combine in-depth research with our existing local knowledge to identify the best investment opportunities for you in the city.


Recent studies show that thriving malls and other retail centers in Cincinnati have dedicated some 15% of their space to dining and entertainment tenants. This number indicates that these two sectors are growing, which comes as little surprise. With the growth of the entire metropolitan area over the past few years and the rise of new companies employing young professionals, these retail sectors are forecasted to grow immensely in the coming years. Lifestyle retail is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors, and it’s one of our specialties here at 3CRE.

Lifestyle retail includes businesses such as spas, restaurants, gyms, salons, etc. These types of businesses are on the uptick in Cincinnati commercial real estate.

If you’re a business in the retail sector, 3CRE can help you find the perfect property. We give you the advantage of cutting-edge marketing and in-depth property research to make the best purchasing decision possible. We routinely help our clients save thousands of dollars over the lives of their leases by locating affordable properties in prime locations.


While office real estate is no longer growing exponentially like it once was, there is still continued growth. This is especially true in the local market, as Cincinnati is far more affordable than traditional business regions. In fact, the price of retail space is continuing to rise and has been doing so steadily over the past few years.

The recent trend of the suburban office is slowly reversing as location and other lifestyle choices of millennials continue to drive office trends. This, coupled with the affordability of office space in big cities across the Midwest, is leading to a demographic shift. Young professionals who value living in the cities as opposed to the suburbs are forcing the hands of many of the nation’s biggest companies. Cincinnati, a traditional home of manufacturing, is now expanding to include a range of modern companies, each one pandering to young talent by setting up new offices in trendy neighborhoods. This means opportunity is knocking for Cincinnati commercial office space investors and companies alike.

Cincinnati's Commercial Real Estate market is understood in and out by 3CRE Commercial Real Estate

Due to these factors, commercial real estate in Cincinnati OH for office space has started to trend back towards the downtown areas.

Although this benefits companies, it is a challenge as there are less big blocks of office space available in the city for investors or businesses to purchase. However, with the right assistance, this challenge can be met. 3CRE will research the market and scour the available listings to find the perfect fit for your financial or business goals.

The best company to work with is 3CRE Commercial Real Estate when trying to buy commercial real estate.

Commercial properties in Cincinnati, Ohio are the perfect opportunity for a business or investor. If you want to generate new cash or put your business in the right location to succeed, there is no better choice in the Midwest region. As an investor, choosing to invest in commercial real estate gives you a hard asset with intrinsic value that will only increase as the city grows in population and economic might.

There are a few reasons why making this investment is superior to other investment options like stocks, bonds, and residential properties.


Stocks earn an investor money by their upside potential. Buying commercial real estate as an investment works a bit differently. Let’s discuss how investors in commercial real estate in Cincinnati earn money, and why this could be a good move for you. Follow us on Instagram.


The neighborhoods of Rookwood, Hyde Park, Oakley and others in the greater Cincinnati area have all seen significant recognition in the last five years. This increase has resulted in some incredible sales in the retail real estate market.

So, a commercial property investment can work somewhat similarly to a stock investment: increasing value earns return.
The difference when it comes to property is understanding which properties are going to increase in value or demand, and thus appreciate faster.

The difference when it comes to property is understanding which properties are going to increase in value or demand, and thus appreciate faster.

Rental or Lease Income

This choice is a source of income that is clearly not possible with stock investments. When you find a suitable tenant for your commercial real estate property, you’ll see a return on your investment almost immediately.

Both office and the retail commercial real estate are on the uptick in recent years, meaning that finding a good tenant for either of these spaces would be worthwhile. These leases usually extend between 5 to 10 years, giving you security in your investment.

Advantages of Commercial Property Over Residential

Investing in commercial properties is widely recognized as the superior choice over residential. While there’s clearly money to be made in both, staying on the business side of things offers a number of advantages:

  • Commercial properties are leased longer: You get more long-term stability signing leases for 5-10 years than 1-2 years for a residential property.
  • More motivated tenants: A business will want to keep up its appearance to attract new customers, meaning you won’t have to put as much work into maintenance. A person’s residence isn’t making them any money, meaning the only motivating factor is their personal preference.
  • Tenants are more reliable: When a tenant is making money, they have their own skin in the game. They don’t want anything to go wrong. As long as they are in business, they will continue to keep you happy.
  • Business is business: When dealing with someone’s personal home, emotions can be tied into decisions. This makes decisions such as raising rent, selling the building, or, on rare occasions, evicting a tenant difficult to say the least. But business is business, or so they say!
  • Greater returns: Commercial properties can return 6-12% on average with that number skewed toward the high end when parterened with the right management company.


The Commercial Real Estate Cincinnati Ohio market is waiting for you! Whether you’re looking for property for your own business or as an investment, 3CRE can be your guide. We’ll help you find the best location for your commercial property, guide you through the confusion of government regulations, and help you see the results you want in your property purchase.The market is hot right now with commercial property for sale in Cincinnati. Contact us today to find the investment thats right for you.

3CRE Cincinnati Property Management Is located in Cincinnati Ohio, but they still set an extremely high standard for all of Hamilton County.

3CRE Commercial Real Estate is located in Cincinnati Ohio, but you can still reach us on Yelp. If you prefer a more personalized experience you can call us at (513) 745-9333, or stop in our office Monday – Friday 8AM – 6pm. We are also located near the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, Eden Park, and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

If you want to get to our office from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) then follow these simple and easy directions. When you’re ready to leave the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) get on Interstate-275 East, and follow Interstate-275 East, Interstate-471 North, and Interstate-71 North to OH-126 East in Hamilton County. Take exit 14 from Interstate-71 North and drive to Cooper Road. Once on Cooper Road, follow it until you see our office located at 7815 Cooper Rd suite C.

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