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Commercial Real Estate Cincinnati Ohio



Welcome to 3CRE, your perfect partner for Commercial Real Estate Cincinnati Ohio. We’ll help you through the process of finding the right property for your business, whatever it may be! We provide services that give you the best options when searching for Cincinnati commercial real estate.

When purchasing a property that matches your needs as a business, you need to partner with someone who you can trust. Since government regulations vary from place to place, it’s also important that you find a guide to provide you with the right information. Cincinnati Commercial real estate is a constantly changing scene, and it’s important that your chosen Realtor knows the area well.

That is why working with 3CRE is the right choice for any business in search of commercial real estate in Cincinnati. We’ll help you with current information on government regulations, as well as excellent market knowledge of the best areas in Cincinnati for your business property.


In the past years since the recession, commercial real estate in Cincinnati, Ohio has steadily regained its balance. Retail property, in particular, has seen a rise in post-recession time. In fact, the retail market averaged one million square feet of positive net absorption annually from 2010 to 2015.

The beginning of 2016 led to some concerns due to a drop in the financial markets. However, cautious lenders and investors allowed the marketing to rise again, and the scene has improved throughout the US, and here in Cincinnati, during this past year. While things are leveling out now, the rate of increase is expected to continue at a gradual pace.


Of course, the term commercial real estate covers many different sectors within the field of real estate. Let’s discuss some of these various conditions in more detail, and how they relate to your search for the perfect commercial property in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Commercial Real Estate in Cincinnati Ohio

Although shopping patterns have changed in recent years, the result for brick-and-mortar retailers in Cincinnati has not been a drastic change in sales. Those businesses who have purchased commercial real estate in Cincinnati’s optimal retail areas are still thriving in the long term. It’s important for you to know which areas are the the best for your business when searching for the retail property.


Recent studies have shown that malls and centers in Cincinnati that are thriving have dedicated some 15% of their space to dining and entertainment tenants, thus indicating the rise in this type of lifestyle retail.

Lifestyle retail includes such things as spas, restaurants, gyms, salons, etc. These types of businesses are on the uptick in Cincinnati commercial real estate, because they are in higher demand than the typical brick-and-mortar retail stores.

If you’re a business in the retail sector, 3CRE can help you find the perfect property selection for your retail business. Our expertise and market research will be by your side as you make your final decision, and this gives you the advantage when purchasing commercial property.


As a whole for the nation, the office real estate market has been gradually slowing its rate of increase. However, this means that there is still continued growth in the market.

Suburban markets had become a new trend in the last few years, thus leaning toward the office market away from the traditional urban environment and into places that offer more space to expand. However, new millennial outlooks have changed the way that office space real estate works. This trend is mainly due to young professionals who are more inclined to live an urban area than out in the suburbs.

Businesses want to stay close to the qualified professionals of tomorrow’s world, because they will be the most productive hires for the company. Thus, commercial real estate in Cincinnati OH for office space has started to trend back towards the downtown areas.

Although this benefits companies, it is a challenge as there are less big blocks of office space available in the city for investors or businesses to purchase. However, with the right assistance, this challenge can be met.


There is plenty of commercial properties in Cincinnati, Ohio that would be perfect for an investor looking to generate new cash. This choice gives the investor hard assets, as he purchases something physical with intrinsic value.


While stocks earn an investor money by their upside potential, buying commercial real estate as an investment works a bit differently. Let’s discuss how investors in commercial real estate in Cincinnati earn money, and why this could be a good move for you.  Follow us on Instagram



The neighborhoods of Rookwood, Hyde Park, Oakley and others in the greater Cincinnati area have all seen significant recognition in the last five years. This incline has resulted in some incredible sales in the retail real estate market.

So, a commercial property investment can work somewhat similarly to a stock investment: increasing value earns return.

The difference when it comes to property is understanding which properties are going to increase in value or demand, and thus appreciate faster.

Rental or Lease Income

This choice is a source of income that is clearly not possible with stock investments. When you find a suitable tenant for your commercial real estate property, you’ll see a return on your investment almost immediately.

Both office and the retail commercial real estate are on the uptick in recent years, meaning that finding a good tenant for either of these spaces would be worthwhile. These leases usually extend between 5 to 10 years, giving you security in your investment.


The Commercial Real Estate Cincinnati Ohio market is waiting for you! Whether you’re looking for property for your own business or as an investment, 3CRE can be your guide. We’ll help you find the best location for your commercial property, guide you through the confusion of government regulations, and help you see the results you want in your property purchase.The market is hot right now with commercial property for sale in Cincinnati. Contact us today to find the investment thats right for you.


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