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Cincinnati Property Management


Cincinnati Property Management services take the risk out of owning commercial property and give you peace of mind when it comes to investing. If you’ve heard about the high-ROI yields of commercial properties such as multi-family units, office buildings, or retail space and want to start putting your capital to good use, 3CRE can help secure the maximum return on your investment while minimizing your stress.

By utilizing our years of experience, local expertise, and financial acumen, 3CRE property management takes care of all of the headaches that come with owning property and mitigates the major risks. Through frequent and detailed communication and strategic consulting, 3CRE makes sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment property.

Residential and Commercial Rental Managers in Cincinnati Ohio

Investing in real estate is one of the safest long-term decisions an investor can make, but it comes with immense responsibility on your side. When you hire a property manager, this person will act on your behalf when it comes to decisions regarding your investment property. Essentially, they take care of all of the tasks that make your life hectic and stressful. This allows you to continue stress-free, knowing that the management of your property is in the hands of someone with experience. You just sit back and watch your money get put to good use.

The property manager will make sure that your investment is generating the highest income possible and will take measures to preserve the value of the investment property.

Property Manager Cincinnati

3CRE is far more than a typical property management company. We are expert commercial property consultants who maximize ROI for our clients by providing end-to-end real estate consulting services.

Our Cincinnati property management services come with a range of benefits. From the very beginning, you will notice the 3CRE difference. Whether it’s helping you locate the best deals in trending neighborhoods, helping you negotiate the best deal possible, or taking care of all of your tedious day-to-day property management responsibilities, we can help you get the most out of your investment dollar.

Save Your Time

If you own multiple investment properties or rental units, it’s impossible to manage all of the day-to-day responsibilities, especially if you also have a full-time job. The time that you spend looking for tenants, managing daily activities, and caring for other responsibilities is a full-time job itself. Every minute you spend handling these tasks is less time for you to do what you do best. As your property manager, 3CRE handles all of the tasks that you don’t have the time or the patience for. You can rest assured that your property is in good hands with us. And you won’t have to lift a finger.

Brings Better ROI

The number one challenge for all property investors is increasing their ROI. Work, family, and confusing property regulations are constantly at odds with increasing your return on investment. Most of our clients simply don’t have the time to get results from their investment properties. With a property manager, you leave everything to us. We have the experience, the time, and the resources to bring you a better return on your investment. Aside from that, we also set you up for long-term success right from the beginning. We utilize our local expertise and personal relationships to find you the best properties and close the most favorable deals. Setting a solid foundation for long-term growth is our specialty.

Allows You to Live Independent of Your Investment Property

Property management companies allow you to watch your investment grow regardless of where you are in the world. Let’s say that you own an investment property in Cincinnati, but you live in California. Managing that property will be a constant annoyance. Hiring a Cincinnati property management service can be a huge help. The property manager will control any issues that arise which would be difficult for you to handle from afar.

Gives You Better Quality Tenants For Longer Periods

Nothing is more crucial to your long-term success than finding the right tenants. Renting your property to the wrong people or companies will result in a major drain on your resources and time. 3CRE uses our decades of combined experience to thoroughly vet each prospective tenant and filter out the ones we know will cause problems. Rather than wasting your time interviewing hundreds of tenants, you can let us find tenants that pay rent on time, cause fewer problems, and stay longer in the rental property!

Frees You From Being an Employer

If you want to hire a resident manager or any other type of employee that takes care of the property, this makes you an employer. This subjects you to numerous legal and financial responsibilities that will be a major hassle at a minimum. However, 3CRE’s Cincinnati property management makes them an independent contractor working with you, and thus frees you from any employer responsibilities.


Rental Application

3CRE will prepare your investment property, making sure that it is aesthetically and structurally ready to be seen by potential tenants. Then, we’ll evaluate the property and decide on a reasonable rental rate for the area and ownership type.

Property Marketing

Tired of paying to keep up a vacant commercial property for months on end? 3CRE’s property management services include marketing your investment property to help you get new tenants faster. By using both digital and traditional marketing means alongside our vast network of personal connections, we can help put a new, high-quality tenant into your building fast.

Tenant Selection

Anyone who has invested in commercial property knows how detrimental a bad tenant can be to their business. Someone who causes issues, pays late, or does damage to your property will cause endless headaches and reduce your profits. Our tenant screening services include verifying their income, credit, rental history and more. 3CRE will make sure that your new tenant will pay on time and not cause trouble, making your life far less stressful.

Drawing up the lease

Once a tenant is selected, we handle the lease agreement. This includes drawing up a lease that will provide you the best legal protections. This may seem like a mundane task, but we’ve heard plenty of horror stories from investors who thought “any old lease will do.” Don’t subject yourself to lengthy legal battles and reduced profits just because you didn’t have experienced property managers draft a lease agreement.

Rent Collection

3CRE’s Cincinnati property management services include collecting rent from tenants. They’ll also go after residents who are late in paying rent, impose mandatory late fees, etc. Now, you won’t have to waste time traveling to your properties, fighting with tenants, or having to go to court over what is rightfully yours.

Property Maintenance

The property manager will do regular inspections on your investment property, making sure that everything is in order. They will also hire, if necessary, any service for the maintenance of the house (for example, snow plowing or shoveling, exterminator, plumber, etc.).
With 3CRE’s experience and a network of responsible workers, any repairs or maintenance that the property needs will be taken care of efficiently.

Taking Care of Complaints and Move-Outs

When a tenant has a complaint, such as noise, the property manager will see to it that the problem is handled. They will also handle the necessary tasks when a tenant moves out, such as returning the security deposit, cleaning the property after the move, and finding a new tenant for the property.

Handling Evictions

3CRE has you covered if you evict a tenant for breaching the terms of the lease. They will handle the filing and any other legal matters that must be taken care of as well as move forward with the eviction. 3CRE’s Cincinnati property management experience will be invaluable to you in this kind of situation. They can handle the removal efficiently and without any unnecessary stress to you as the building owner. It means your property, and you as the proprietor, will be fully protected.

Detailed Communication with the Property Owner

Throughout the entire rental process, the real estate management company will keep up good communication with the landowner of the property. You will receive regular reports detailing exactly how much your investment property is earning you.

3CRE provides detailed reporting with all of the information that you as the property owner need. You’ll see rent rolls, P&L’s, CAM reconciliation, budget vs. expenses and more. All of this will be available to you 24/7 with online access, meaning you’ll always know what’s going on with your property.


Cincinnati property management is the best way to have a stress free experience with your Cincinnati real estate investment property. Contact 3CRE today to see what their Cincinnati property management services can do for you or your business.

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