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The 3CRE Story

The story of 3CRE started ten years ago when Mike Costantini and Tryfon Christoforou met working at a national brokerage. It was a connection between two people driven to put in the work and grow the business. After a few years, they made a decision to open up their own brokerage that represented their culture and business acumen. 3CRE has become one of the fastest growing brokerages fueled by its culture and a commitment to its clients. Currently with offices in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Nashville, 3CRE is continuing to expand its footprint into other markets and states for real estate investors. Stay tuned for more updates on the 3CRE story!


Tryf and Michael helped with getting a property for an upcoming business venture. Excellent customer service!!!! Very easy to work with and most definitely will continue to get my business with any other help I need.

Joey Cromwell

TRYFON IS A REAL ESTATE BOSS! This guy has the swag, experience, and determination to get the job done! Tryf is Johnny on the spot. I was recently on the buy side of deal that Tryfon listed. When I initially contacted him, I got an immediate response, which set the tone for our dealing from there on. Personally, I'm comfortable with duel agency, but have found very few agents who leave me feeling represented well by closing time. Not the case with Tryfon! He is a very efficient communicator, gets right to the point. Fair and balanced personality, not to brash, but doesn't coddle. He can handle pressure without spouting off. I plan to use 3CRE for many, many deals in the future.

What a team! Brian Coyle reached out to US because he loved our food. Out of that appreciation we have entered in a great business relationship. He along with Mike Costantini have been extremely helpful in directing our expansion. They have been with us step by step in researching and finding our next location. We had been attempting to work with other realtors and felt we were not taken seriously. Brian and Mike have been dilligent in showing us properties and most importantly negoiating on our behalf. They have devoted a great amount of time to us and making this happen. They are incredibly efficient and pay attention to even the smallest details. We couldn't have a better team.

FNGC Management

I can echo so many of these positive reviews. Brian and Jackson worked flawlessly with my real estate partner and me, providing helpful day-to-day feedback (often by the hour) in acquiring our first multifamily property. Their knowledge of and expertise in their market is certainly second to none. I would not hesitate to work with Brian and Jackson again in the near future!

Jeffery Benjamin

3CRE assisted us in the acquisition of two commercial properties in Amelia and Delaware. They were excellent negotiators and came up with solutions to the issues we encountered. In my opinion, they are the top commercial listing and selling agents.

Alison Fields