There’s never been a better time to invest in commercial real estate in Dayton, Ohio. Whether you are a seasoned investor, a novice, or a local business owner, investing in this growing economic hub represents a lucrative opportunity with plenty of room for finding high-ROI properties. We also specialize in commercial real estate in Columbus, Ohio. In the volatile and precarious real estate environment of 2018, Dayton, its metropolitan area, and the entire region of Southwest Ohio are one of the few bright spots with an outlook of continued growth.

However, it is not without risk. While commercial properties typically provide a high return on investment (typically between 6-12% but higher in more burgeoning locations), it requires more nuanced collective bargaining, financial acumen, and intricate personal relationships with local residents and agents.

When you’re looking into the field of Dayton, Ohio commercial real estate, it’s necessary to have an expert team with in-depth knowledge of local properties and the intricate evaluation, negotiation, and due diligence processes to ensure you reach your financial goals. In an industry where even the slightest financial mistake can turn a lucrative investment into a loss, market knowledge and insider information on the best Dayton commercial realty is essential to turn a long-term profit. Our team at Cincinnati property management offers this expertise and can guide you through the process of investing in Dayton commercial real estate with confidence.

That’s where our team of commercial real estate experts can help you.


If you’re looking to invest in Dayton commercial realty, then 3CRE can help you make an informed investment decision. When it comes to commercial real estate investment, being a do-it-yourselfer often leads to immense risk and long-term losses. For one, it could lead to unfavorable contracts. Also, you could wind up selecting a property with little potential for long-term profit. However, when you partner with 3CRE, you get as close to surefire success as there is in this business.

What are the benefits of commercial real estate investments, and how can you go about making the highest returns possible?

Above average returns in Dayton

Investing in commercial property is far more lucrative than investing in stocks, bonds, or commodities. However, the risks inherent in such major purchases in volatile markets is what turns more savvy investors away. This is actually a good thing! More opportunity for you. So long as you partner with an expert that can mitigate those risks for you, investing in commercial real estate in Dayton, Ohio will produce yields far above what you’d get in other markets of its size.

The Security of Tangible Assets

When comparing real estate investments to stock investments, we see that owning hard assets usually offers greater safety to the investor. When you have a share in a company, you have no guarantee that the firm will continue to operate. However, real estate is an asset that is real; it is something you can touch. Although you may have ups and downs in valuation or tenants, the property itself will always remain.

Immediate Cash Flow From Real Estate

A huge benefit to investing in Dayton, Ohio’s commercial real estate market is that you will see an almost immediate return on investment through your tenant’s rental or lease payments. This steady flow of cash will give you money on either a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. And, one of the major advantages of investing in commercial real estate over residential property is that business owners tend to take more pride in their establishment and show you more respect. A business relationship is more profit driven and less emotional than a personal one. You are far less likely to run into tenant issues when their own livelihood is dependent on their rental space

Longer Lease Contracts – Commercial Real Estate Dayton Ohio

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Dayton Ohio also comes with more long-term security. Whereas residential real estate investing typically comes with shorter rental contracts of one to two years, commercial tenants typically rent for 5 years or more. 10-year contracts aren’t out of the ordinary. This gives you far more security and flexibility for long-term planning.


What are the benefits of commercial real estate investments, and how can you go about making the highest returns possible?

Build Relationships With Farm Neighborhoods

Commercial real estate might be all business, but putting a personal touch on your work will do wonders for your bottom line. When you develop a rapport with sellers and property owners, they’ll be more willing to talk with you to discuss deals. Start building relationships in your preferred neighborhoods (3CRE can do the research to find the zones with the best deals). There’s no harm in having casual conversations with local investors and business owners to build friendships or business relationships. Who knows, you might get some great insider information!

Look for Motivated Sellers

Locating market inefficiencies is the hallmark of a savvy investor. Vendors that are motivated will be willing to sell their Commercial Real Estate Dayton, Ohio at below market value. That kind of deal is what will launch your success in real estate investing. Once you know that extenuating circumstances are forcing the other party’s hand, you gain major leverage in the bargaining process (we also specialize in negotiating the best deals possible for our clients).

Get an Insider’s Mind

Getting aid from an insider in the market is always the best way to make a good purchase in real estate. Take advantage of the help that 3CRE is offering you to see a better return on investment.

Add Value to Your Property

After your purchase, you can continue to optimize your return on investment. One advantage of real estate investments is that you can immediately increase the value to your property by fixing it up or updating cosmetic details. This benefit means you can charge higher rent or sell at a higher price.


Dayton has long been a hotbed of technology. As a national center of aviation, defense, tech, and engineering, the area has a long history of attracting major corporate offices. This creates enormous office space leasing activity and ever-increasing demand for new offices to be built. This steady industry has formed the bedrock of an economy that is outpacing the rest of the state in growth.

Aside from these traditional sectors, new and exciting sectors are creating expanding opportunities. As the population of the entire region continues to age, the demand for healthcare facilities has increased greatly, which has, in turn, lead to an increase in residential or commercial residential properties to accommodate this growth. In fact, medical care facilities have been the main focus of recent Dayton commercial real estate development plans.

In general, since 2015, there has been a steady increase in commercial office space demand, and this growth is projected to continue well into the future.


Although tech, aviation, defense, and medical care continue to be the driving force of the local economy, the high-paying jobs in these sectors have fueled a growth in the high-end and general retail sectors. The changing demands of Dayton’s demographics, as well as a post-recession return to economic norms, have produced remarkable growth in the demand for retail space. Here are a few interesting stats:

Between 2010-2015, the retail market averaged one million square feet of positive absorption in Southwest Ohio.

The vacancy rate has dropped below 9.5 in Dayton, which is a very solid number considering the economic reality of the city.

The average asking price for retail space is currently $9.74 per sq. foot, which is below the state average. However, this number has been trending upward since mid-2015, meaning now is the time to buy low and cash in later.

Real estate property for sale and lease in Dayton by 3CRE

Of course, a great deal of your success in the retail market comes down to a few factors. First and foremost, location, location, location. However, there are other intricate details that factor into whether or not your investment is a success. Whether you are a business owner in search of Dayton commercial realty or an investor looking to make some gains, there are plenty of retail space options in Dayton. With the assistance of 3CRE, you will be able to make the best decision possible and have the highest chance of turning a profit. We are top Columbus property management company that helps local property investors with their investment needs.

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 by Amy Roberts
The property was listed and had a buyer within a few days.

The property was listed and had a buyer within a few days. This group was on top of things the whole way. They were absolutely great to work with and are very knowledgeable of what they are doing. Thanks for everything you did for us. I highly recommend them,

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Brian and Tryf are true professionals.

Brian and Tryf are true professionals. They are always available to answer phone calls or emails, and work hard to get the deal closed.

I was very impressed by their professionalism, and their drive to close the deal.

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