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Commercial Real Estate Dayton Ohio


Purchasing commercial real estate Dayton Ohio is an important decision whether you are an investor or a business owner. Here in Dayton, the outlook for the future continues to be bright, while the scene of commercial real estate continues to change across the country.

When you’re looking into the field of Dayton, Ohio commercial real estate, it’s important to have someone on your side who knows the business well. While regulations and taxation change from state to state, market knowledge and insider information on the best Dayton commercial realty is essential to make an informed decision.

With 3CRE, you’ll find a friend and confidant who can guide you through the process of searching for the perfect property for your business or investment.

Let’s look at the current market trends for commercial real estate in Dayton, Ohio. We’ll also discuss the details of commercial property investments.


The Real Estate Consensus Forecast has predicted by surveying economists and analysts, the rate of increase for commercial properties will continue on an upward trend throughout the US. Suruveys. In fact, they’ve predicted a 7.6% increase throughout 2017. In addition to this, the rental and lease rates for commercial properties are also on the rise.

The main types of commercial real estate in Dayton, Ohio are office and retail spaces. Let’s take a look at recent market research in Dayton for these two sectors.

dayton ohio commercial real estate


Over the past, there has been an increase in hiring for professional and technical areas. This change, in turn, has led to an increase in office leasing activity. Dayton’s economy is making moves in the right direction, and has recently pulled in the lead ahead of the rest of the state.

Also, due to aging demographics, the office market is on the rise in regards to healthcare. Medical facilities have been the focus of most recent constructions and Dayton commercial real estate purchases.

In general, 2016 showed a good amount of increase in Dayton, Ohio’s commercial real estate for office spaces.


The face of retail real estate is changing, as trends towards internet purchases continue to increase. However, here in Dayton, the vacancy rate has dropped to 9.5, which is a good number for the current economic situation.

Of course, the location of the retail space apparently makes a difference in its success for the owner. Whether you are a business owner in search of Dayton commercial realty or an investor looking to make some gains, there are plenty of retail space options in Dayton. With the assistance of 3CRE, you can make a purchase decision that will give you the best return on investment.

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If you’re looking to invest in Dayton commercial realty, then 3CRE can help you make an informed investment decision. So what are the benefits of commercial real estate investments, and how can you go about making the best of this ruling?

Good Returns in Dayton

It’s easy to see when comparing the numbers that the returns on real estate investments are often much better than investing in stocks, bonds, or commodities. Those who are investing in commercial real estate Dayton Ohio are looking for yields, and that’s what they’re getting.

The Security of Tangible Assets

When comparing real estate investments to stock investments, we see that owning hard assets usually offers greater safety to the investor. When you have a share in a company, you have no guarantee that the firm will continue to operate. However, real estate is an asset that is real; it is something you can touch. Although you may have ups and downs in valuation or tenants, the property itself will always remain.

Immediate Cash Flow From Real Estate

A huge benefit to investing in Dayton, Ohio’s commercial real estate market is that you will see an almost immediate return on investment through your tenant’s rental or lease payments. This steady flow of cash will give you money on either a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Best of all, when you receive cash from a property’s tenants, you could see an increase in the neighborhood rental prices. It means your cash flow is not only steady, but it could also rise in the future.

Longer Lease Contracts – Commercial Real Estate Dayton Ohio

Between 5-10 years, you can lease Commercial Real Estate Dayton Ohio. It gives you more security on your investment, knowing that the tenant will be paying you continuously for a certain amount of time. This investment is much better than residential real estate leasing, as the contracts tend to be much shorter.


Build Relationships With Farm Neighborhoods

When you develop a rapport with sellers and property owners, they’ll be more willing to talk with you to discuss deals. Also, start talking to owners in your preferred neighborhoods, and study the value by getting inside information.

Look for Motivated Sellers

A vendor that’s motivated will be willing to sell their Commercial Real Estate Dayton Ohio at below market value. That kind of a good deal is what will launch your success in real estate investing. If the seller is motivated, you can start negotiations on the price point and get a better deal.

Get an Insider’s Mind

Getting aid from an insider in the market is always the best way to make a good purchase in real estate. Take advantage of the help that 3CRE is offering you to see better return on investment.

Add Value

After your purchase, you can continue to optimize your return on investment. One advantage at real estate investments is that you can immediately increase the value to your property by fixing it up or updating cosmetic details. This benefit means you can charge higher rent, or sell at a higher price.


3CRE is holding out a hand to help you navigate the waters of Dayton, Ohio commercial real estate. Take advantage of their expertise and make the best land estate purchase possible to reach your goals. Visit for more information.


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