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Coronavirus, Landlords and Tenants in Commercial Real Estate

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has only been around since the end of December 2020, but it’s made waves in nearly every aspect of our lives around the world. With the whole world practicing “social distancing” as a means of self-protection,...

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Just like that, another property SOLD!

A small deal, with a great story. We approached the seller of this 5-unit multifamily a couple months back after noticing this property was on and off the market for the past 5 years! They had not been able to sell it, but with the current market...

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3CRE Receives Award

2019 Best of Cincinnati Award 3CRE Commercial Real Estate has been selected for the 2019 Best of Cincinnati Award in the Commercial Real Estate category by the Cincinnati Award Program. Each year, the Cincinnati Award Program identifies companies that we...

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Co-working Spaces versus Your Own Office Space

It seems to be a trend nowadays for entrepreneurs, and even Fortune 500 companies, to indulge in the concept of a shared office space. Co-working spaces can be fine— until you find yourself caged in a unit with a Dwight Schrute-type across the desk from...

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Real Estate Investment for a Well-funded Retirement

Losses in the stock market, reduction in wages, corporate scandals, chaos in the job market, ever-changing retirement/401k laws, and possible recessions leave us with these critical questions: Can I ever become financially-free? How will I be able to...

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