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Commercial Leasing in Columbus, OH

3CRE is Columbus’s leading commercial real estate broker and management firm specializing in commercial real estate in Columbus Ohio. We have been helping investors maximize their profits in the Columbus region for years. Our advisors help investors and businesses create winning connections in the local area, providing expert guidance on commercial real estate in Columbus Ohio. With us, you can quickly buy, sell, or lease commercial properties in prime locations fast.


We’ve built a loyal following across the city because we believe in putting our client’s needs first.


We’ve helped major international names like Verizon, Subway, and Rite Aid adapt and thrive in the local market with our unique, people-first real estate philosophy.


3CRE pioneered the modern commercial real estate market in this city. Our blend of insider connections, market expertise, and customer service has helped us build a loyal following among Columbus’s business elite. With our expansion to Cincinnati, our team at Cincinnati property management brings the same level of expertise and dedication to the Cincinnati commercial real estate market.


Our network gives you access to the best locations, bankers, attorneys, market data, and property managers in the local area. We are the only point of contact you will ever need in this town.

Retail property owners and developers in Columbus understand the value of working with a group that has expertise and experience in working with retail and restaurant brands. Through our relationship with these companies and an understanding of their site selection process, Columbus property management can advise our property owners on how to successfully market and lease space.
3CRE Leasing has extensive experience and expertise to assist owners in marketing to retailers and restaurants. We provide the following services:

  • Landlord and Developer Representation
  • Retail leasing market research and analytics
  • Retail Asset Valuation
  • Tenant and Lease Abstracts
  • Tenant Vetting and Valuation
  • Customized Marketing and Offering Memorandums
  • Customized reports including demographics, aerials, drive time, dot-density, retail cluster and competitive brand analysis
  • Tenant Site Selection

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