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The 3CRE Investment Show

Here’s the big question: how do real estate investors like us balance risk and opportunity, and manage our time, all while making winning, sophisticated investment decisions? That’s the question and this podcast has the answers. 

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Collaborating with Investors, Brokers, Bankers, and more to give you ALL the right perspectives

Recent Episodes

Episode 1: The 3CRE Story

Episode 2: What do rising fed rates mean for investors & How retail and multifamily investments compare

Episode 3: With Brett Post: What is Business Brokering? | Economic Breakdown and outlook for Commercial Assets in Ohio

Episode 4: Multifamily Economics, Value Add strategies and Labor Intensiveness

The 3CRE Investment Show Episode 5: Asset Management: Leasing, Property Management, Construction, Financial Analysis

The 3CRE Investment Show 7: Gabriela Costantini's Story | Marketing, Retail Brokering, and The State of the Retail Investment Market

Investment Show 8: Rachel Thompson's Story | 3CRE Residential and State of the Investment Market

Investment Show 9: Former NFL Standout Dre Kirkpatrick talks about his newest Investment and tells his story

Investment Show 10: Industrial Market Close Up w/ Andrew Mattei

Investment Show 11: Cincinnati & National Housing Overview 03/2024