Cincinnati Multifamily Market at a Glance

In 2023, Cincinnati’s multifamily rental market experienced notable shifts, marked by evolving tenant demands and changes in rental pricing. Key trends include the fluctuation in apartment rentals and pricing, along with the market’s response to these dynamics. Insights into Cincinnati’s rental market reveal its adaptability and resilience amidst a changing national landscape.

Trends in Apartment Rentals and Market Position

The Cincinnati rental market exhibited an increase in demand for apartment rentals. This trend contributed to the city’s rise as a prominent destination for renters in the United States. The year was marked by an increase in apartment viewings, suggesting growing interest in the market. The rental stock saw a marginal rise early in the year, followed by a reduction in listings by November. These developments positioned Cincinnati as the fourth-most popular market for apartment renters in the country.

Variation in Rental Prices for Different Apartment Types

The first quarter of 2023 saw changes in rental prices in Cincinnati. One-bedroom apartments experienced a 21% increase in rents, two-bedroom apartments saw a 29% increase, and three-bedroom apartments had a 17% increase. Towards the end of the year, the rental market witnessed a decrease in the average rent for one-bedroom apartments by 9%, a reduction in studio apartment rents, and a stabilization in two-bedroom apartment rents. These changes indicate a shift in the rental market dynamics.

Market Stability and Response to Changing Conditions

The Cincinnati rental market in 2023 demonstrated stability and an ability to respond to changing market conditions. Despite the challenges of supply constraints and fluctuating rental prices, the market adjusted to align with the demands and financial realities of renters. The end-of-year changes in rental prices for some apartment types reflect the market’s capacity to balance demand with available supply.


In summary, the multifamily rental market in Cincinnati in 2023 experienced a series of changes, characterized by shifts in demand and rental pricing. The year witnessed variations in apartment rental trends and adjustments in pricing for different apartment types. Despite various market challenges, including supply constraints and price fluctuations, the market showed an ability to adapt to these conditions, reflecting a balance between supply and demand in the context of the broader national rental market.

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