Mariah Moon

Investment Advisor

Focus:Retail/Business Brokering

Mariah has expertise in many facets of real estate investment. Her focus in commercial real estate consists of property management and the buying and selling of properties and businesses. Her background in law, along with her strong-willed personality, allows her to negotiate to meet her client’s wants and needs. She will actively listen, communicate and use decision-facilitation skills in order get deals closed in a timely manner.

She received a degree in Political Science at the University of Redlands and was on the college golf team all years of attendance. Outside of school and golf, Mariah was a part of two non-profit organizations helping to give care to those less fortunate in the community.

Mariah’s experience in college/professional golf and nonprofit has created a passion for bringing people together to achieve their top levels of success.3CRE offer hands-on learning opportunities with mentors and experts to help guide you to success in commercial real estate in Columbus Ohio.

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