Zakir Muradov

Investment Advisor


Zakir moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, from Baltimore, Maryland, to attend the University of Cincinnati. During his time at UC, Zakir learned about opportunities in the Real Estate industry and became intrigued by what he had learned. Over the last year, Zakir oversaw the rehab and development of 3 single-family homes in Norwood, Ohio, which sparked Zakir’s love for Real Estate and his desire to learn everything about Real estate and Investment. He decided to attend classes to become a real estate agent at Hondros.


Zakir’s family migrated to the USA in 2005 to pursue a better life. His family’s determination and hard work gave Zakir the high-energy personality and entrepreneurial spirit that pushes him to thrive today. Zakir is an overachiever and is excited about his passion for becoming a successful 3CRE Residential Advisor.