Landlord Representation


When Representing Landlords in leasing we make sure to fill any vacancy as quickly as possible with a strong tenant. We do this through high-level marketing targeted to the specific criteria of the space including square feet, tenant mix, and vetting out all possible tenants to find the strongest one. 

What makes a strong tenant? 


A strong tenant depends on the properties needs, but here are a few metrics that we use:


  • Strong cashflow

  • Longevity and potential longevity in the market

  • A good mix with other tenants. How can this tenant benefit the occupants around them? How can the other occupants help the new tenant? 

How we fill vacancies quickly:


  • Targeted Marketing through various platforms and software

  • Deep-rooted connections in communities

  • Driving abundant and qualified traffic to leasing opportunities

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Other Services


We use State-of-the-art photography, drone videos, rich content, and accurately underwrite financial reports to assist our clients in selling their properties at the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

Market Research and Due Dilligence

We use advanced market research software to produce customreports that assist our clients in their decision-making process. We also specialize in vetting out the risks and opportunities for pending purchases.

Asset Management

3CRE combines Property Management, Leasing expertise,
Landlord Representation and Strategic Growth Planning to add value to your investment property.