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When Subway, RiteAid, and CVS needed retail and office space in Cincinnati, they turned to 3CRE for local expertise and expert guidance. We are the broker for America’s biggest names because our hands-on experts find the deals that other brokers can’t.

Cincinnati is America’s fastest growing Midwest city, and it’s a prime location for office space. An educated workforce, ample business opportunity, and affordable properties have made it THE place to be for companies of all sizes. What do Subway, CVS, RiteAid, and T-Mobile know about office rentals in this city that you don’t? Nothing! They just hired 3CRE to find them the perfect office space.

There’s a lot to know about Cincinnati—its trending neighborhoods and traditional office centers are just the beginning. We are here to help your business find its new home, negotiate leases, and get insider discounts on the best buildings.

Your Connection to the Cincinnati Office Boom

Cincinnati is experiencing an office space boom. Traditional business centers are no longer affordable and today’s professionals want to live downtown. The solution? MOVE WEST!

Cincinnati is America’s fastest-growing Midwest city, and it’s teeming with opportunity. It’s no wonder so many companies are opening offices here. The only problem is that we are a bit like the “Wild Wild West” to companies from more traditional areas.

Most businesses find it difficult to navigate the office space market here. The result is that they pay way too much for office space, sign unfavorable deals, and realize they opened an office in the wrong part of town.

As your local partner, we provide a single point of contact between you and the Cincinnati office boom, giving you access to the kind of deals you can’t find anywhere else. The 3CRE difference is that we put your business in the perfect location and keep you there for years to come.

What we can do for you

The 3CRE advantage is something that can’t be taught in any school:

  • We have deep local connections: The deals we have access to aren’t found on any directory or with any broker. They’re from someone we know or somewhere we discovered that no one else knows about.
  • Our rates are way below market: Our personal connections add a human element to our negotiations. This lets us negotiate rates well below market value for all of our clients. You’ll save thousands over the life of your contracts.
  • We find a home for your business: Your business is unique and deserves a home, not just an office. We’ll match your company to the perfect location. Cozy loft for a growing startup? We’ve done that before. Traditional office with intimidating walls and ceilings for a local economy mainstay? Done that. There’s nothing we haven’t seen.

The economy is booming here, but that means increased competition for less space. If you want below-market deals on prime locations that you can’t find anywhere else, let 3CRE give you direct access to our handmade local network of office spaces.

Experience the 3CRE difference first hand with our office rental services in Cincinnati. 


Cincinnati is America’s fast-growing Midwestern city, and as more traditional business centers become unaffordable, more and more companies are opening offices here. The combination of affordability, earning potential, and prime location is drawing companies here in droves.

3CRE is a local office space broker with insider ties that can get you below-market deals on prime office locations. We’ve already helped major names like Subway, RiteAid, and CVS find deals well below their budget.

As your local agent, we’ll negotiate a favorable deal on your space and even help you renew terms down the road.

Our goal is to find you a home for your business for decades, not just an office space.

Key Takeaways


  • Cincinnati is a booming business center and the fastest growing city in the Midwest
  • 3CRE is a deeply connected broker that can help you find off-market office deals that no one else can
  • As a local expert with deep connections, we can negotiate below-market rates
  • There’s no better company to help locate a home for your business in America’s newest major business center
  • We are your connection to the Cincinnati office boom. Get in on the action now!


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