Jun 19, 2019
It seems to be a trend nowadays for entrepreneurs, and even Fortune 500 companies, to indulge in the concept of a shared office space. Co-working spaces can be fine— until you find yourself caged in a unit with a Dwight Schrute-type across the desk from you. Sharing a professional work area with a complete stranger (or even worse, a friend) can be damaging to your business endeavors—especially if they don’t take too kindly to your daily office pranks.

On the bright side, there are plenty of opportunities to lease or purchase a private office, which is what we specialize in at 3CRE Commercial Real Estate. To save yourself from having to sit across a pompous beet farmer, contact us to hear about the local office spaces available in your area.

But is a shared office space still worth exploring? Why not? Let’s dive into the differences between a co-working space versus having your own office space.

Co-Working Spaces: Should You Do It?

As an individual working in a shared office space, one of the benefits lies in the split finances. If you decide to indulge in co-working spaces, you might be able to splurge with your partner on a larger work facility, which can be a pretty convincing prospect. Or you can decide to bunk with a random stranger in a cheaper, albeit smaller, office.

However, co-working spaces puts you at the mercy of the other tenant. Depending on the size of your shared office space, you might have to delegate a phone schedule so that you wouldn’t have to talk over one another to try to handle your business calls. And chances are, you will want to be able to bring clients to your office. But you can’t really tell your office partner that he can’t wear pajama pants and his ketchup-stained Hulk t-shirt to his own place of business. Sure you can try find amusement in listening into their strained sales calls, as long as you ignore the fact that they put spaghetti in the microwave…again.

Benefits of Your Own Office Space

A private office has plenty more benefits than a shared office space. You have the freedom to bring in clients on your own scheduled time and you don’t have to worry about your over-exuberant office partner from ruining your business calls.

Even if you don’t have a dirty, spaghetti-eating office partner, you still never know who you will be sitting across from. They might want inspirational posters on the wall, while you may be more partial to landscape photography. Your own office space means being able to decorate as you please, without having to ask for approval. You can use it to hold meetings, have private business calls, plus it just simply looks better. Having your own office without a shared tenant helps give the impression that you are successful in your line of work, which can help persuade clients to work with you on your business endeavors.

So, are you thinking about buying your own office space? Contact 3CRE Commercial Real Estate so that we can save you from dreaded co-working spaces.