Our very own Tryfon Christoforou of 3CRE was featured in the very first episode of FINDING THE PATH OF PROGRESS!

John Casmon is the co-founder of Casmon Capital Group, a Chicago-based real estate investment firm. He controls and actively manages over $2.5M in real estate holdings. He conducted the interview in the podcast. “Target Market Insights” is the aim of the podcast. Tryfon Christoforou does a great job of introducing himself and briefing the listeners on his background and history. He goes on to give insight on commercial real estate market in West Chester, Cincinnati market, areas and Surrounding Areas.. His perspective was very informative on the landscape of the city of Cincinnati and the real estate market. The biggest takeaway was don’t be afraid to start out small; get to know brokers, property managers, attorneys, and accountants in the city.

Thanks to Casmon Capital Group first and foremost for the opportunity.

Please check out the full interview below:


The link below you can check out their blog:

Casmon Capital Group Blog