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3CRE leverages our local expertise to find prime investment opportunities in Columbus. Our multi-family team focuses solely on helping investors sell or acquire a diverse range of assets. With decades of combined experience, we focus on one thing: RESULTS.

One name has come to dominate Columbus multi-family property brokering in recent years. 3CRE’s expertise includes managing buildings with hundreds of units, performing deep location analysis, and analyzing trends to find Class A properties at rock bottom prices in Columbus’s prime locations. Our brokers can locate off-market investment properties that no directory can find.

What we do:

  • Market analysis
  • Location forecasting
  • Asset valuation
  • Marketing
  • Contract negotiations
  • Multi-family disposition
  • Property management

Multi-family investors are a different breed than the rest. Nobody knows that better than us. Whether you’re an investor who loves the thrill of the chase and just wants some guidance on where to find the hottest deals or someone who wants a turnkey solution to grow their multi-location portfolio, 3CRE has proven time and again to find the best multi-family deals in the region.

There’s one thing and one thing only that separates us from the rest: Our network. It’s something that money can’t buy.

Why Landlords Choose 3CRE

The 3CRE team has decades of combined experience, but unlike other brokers, we have decades of combined Columbus multi-family experience. This allows us to find deals that you can’t find in any open marketplace. Our elite team is only rivaled by our database. We have access to the best deals on:

  • Senior housing units
  • Student housing units
  • Affordable housing
  • Vacation units
  • General multi-family housing
  • Manufactured housing and more

The 3CRE Difference

Our team will handle the entire process from initial research to closing the deal. We will:

  • Leverage our network to find off-market deals: The key to finding amazing deals is to locate units that aren’t technically “for sale.” There’s no way to find them without a local Columbus broker that knows the right people.
  • Use our local knowledge to find the best locations: The #1 factor in unit value is location. We don’t care about finding the units everyone else knows about. We care about delivering value. Our analysts know how to find the kind of low-investment, high-potential deals investors dream about.
  • Negotiate on your behalf: We won’t just find the best deal on a unit for you; we’ll negotiate on your behalf so you reap the benefits for decades.
  • Manage the property for you: Don’t want us to go away? We’re happy to stay. Our proactive management service will help your property appreciate exponentially.
  • Create a long-term investment vision: 3CRE will keep you a step ahead of other investors by helping you plan a multi-family investment strategy aimed at growing your wealth in the most efficient way possible. Our focus is to drive results for years to come, not just find you a great deal.

If you’re looking to invest in Columbus’s growing multi-family housing sector, leverage 3CRE’s personal network and you’ll find deals that you can’t anywhere else. There’s plenty of opportunity to be had, you just need to know where to look.


Investors looking to sell or acquire multi-family units in Columbus need a local insider to connect them to the right people. 3CRE’s vast network and property database help investors find off-market deals at rates well below industry standards.

3CRE’s expertise spans the spectrum of multi-family assets—from student housing to 200-unit mega-properties. We help investors locate A, B, or C level properties in prime locations, negotiate favorable deals, and manage properties proactively so that they appreciate over time.

Over the past few years, one team has come to dominate Columbus’s most lucrative multi-unit real estate deals. That team is 3CRE.

Key Takeaways

  • 3CRE helps investors acquire or sell multi-family housing by leveraging its fast network of personal connections
  • Deep local knowledge allows our team of analysts to locate prime investment opportunities in the city’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods
  • Our team will help you locate a property, negotiate a deal, and manage it with our proactive, people-first strategy that has helped investors create lifelong money-making machines
  • If you want to make money in one of America’s fastest-growing locations, you must locate the best properties and negotiate favorable deals. That’s exactly what 3CRE does for you


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