Wright Cycle Company Complex

Overview Of The Wright Cycle Company Complex

Wright Cycle Company Complex

If you have ever heard of the Wright brothers, you will probably remember that they are responsible for aerial and aerospace industries that we have today. Orville and Wilbur made history many decades ago by flying the very first airplane. However, they had very humble beginnings. They originally started what was called the Wright Cycle Company, a business that they opened up for bicycle repairs. This was started back in the 1890s, shortly after they ended their newspaper business and began to manufacture bicycles. They made a couple of them called the St. Claire and Van Cleve, and were also responsible for creating what was called the self oiling hub. They created the crank arm and pedals that had left hand threads, and ingenious invention that prevented the apparatus from becoming unscrewed while pedaling. All of this was done at their shop, the same place that they ran their printing business. Today, Wright Cycle Company Complex is part of the National historical Park in Dayton, which is part of the National Aviation Heritage center.

Why Is This A Nationally Recognized Location?

The Wright brothers used the money they were able to make from these businesses in order to begin financing what they are so well known for. It allowed them to start their aviation experiments, something that began in the early 1900s. They decided to add a third wheel above the front wheel on a bicycle in a horizontal position. They created a wind tunnel at this building and began to do tests in regard to flight. They also constructed gliders which led to the creation of the very first airplane. This plane, called the Wright Flyer, led them to closing their business and focusing on their aviation company. It is for this reason that it is part of history, and also part of the Wright Cycle Company Complex, which also has many other attractions that you can see. It should be noted that the location of their bike shop did change over the years. In 1892, it was located on W. 3rd St. Subsequently, the Wright brothers cycle company had to specific locations. One was on Williams Street, and the other was on W. 2nd St., both in Dayton.

Attractions At The Wright Cycle Company Complex

There are a couple of different attractions at this location. There is the Aviation Trail Visitor Center and Museum that you can visit. The restored Hoover Block is also there, along with the Wright Cycle Company. It wasn’t until the 1990s that this particular building was listed as a National Historic Landmark. The Hoover Block is the location where they did their printing business which included printing circulars, bill heads, notecards, and also the neighborhood newspaper. The Hoover Block is also part of this National Register of Historic Places, and all of this provide you with several hours of entertainment when you visit. You can learn so much about the early origins of flight as envisioned by the Wright brothers, leading us to the worldwide flights that we all take for granted today.

Other Attractions That Are There

Some of the other attractions listed on the website to include the Junior Ranger program, the Every Kid In A Park attraction, and many others. It is a great place for children to visit because they will not only learn about history, but they will be preoccupied with everything that is presented for children of all ages. There is Where’s Wilbear and many other activities, including bike riding that can be a lot of fun. If you are traveling to Dayton, this is one place that you need to visit either by yourself, or with your family.

The Wright brothers literally changed the way that we interconnect with people all over the world. Without their invention of the airplane, we may still be traveling between continents on boats. Although this type of technology is thought to have existed thousands of years ago per archaeological discoveries that have been made, it was the Wright brothers that brought ideas of flight back into our modern times. By going to this location, you can get a full appreciation for how innovative these brothers were. They pursued an idea that the multitudes scoffed at, and brought that into reality. Take some time to visit the Wright Cycle Company Complex when you visit Dayton.

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