Property Management Company

What Does A Property Management Company Do?

Property Management Company

A property management company is a third party that is hired by a landlord or investor to attend to the daily operations of a rental property. If you are thinking about hiring a property management company, you need to know what these companies should offer you. There are certain responsibilities that these companies have and you need to know what they are as well as how they affect your property.

Rent Responsibilities

One of the most common responsibilities of property management companies is to deal with rent issues. This will include the setting of the rent for the property. This should be done based on analysis of the property market and the type of tenants you are likely to get.

In terms of rent, the property management company will also be responsible for the collecting of rent. The company will ensure that the rent comes in each month and will be responsible for chasing up any late rent payments. The company will also be in charge of enforcing any late fees.

The Tenant Responsibilities

  • Another core responsibility of property management companies is the managing of tenants. This will cover a number of tasks including the finding of potential tenants. The property management company will be in charge of advertising the property and attracting tenants that you will want on the property.
  • The property management company will also be in charge of screening the tenants that they find for the property. This will include the running of credit checks and criminal background checks. Experienced property managers have screened thousands of tenants and will be able to tell when a tenant will fit into the property.
  • Another responsibility in terms of tenants will be the handling of leases. This will include the setting of the leasing terms and the inclusion of necessary clauses which will protect you. The property management company will also be in charge of the setting and handling of security deposits. These companies will generally keep the deposit in a secure account.
  • Complaints and emergencies will also be handled by the property management company. The company will be in charge of handling noise complaints, any maintenance requests and any other emergencies that might arise.
  • The property management company will also be in charge of handling tenants moving out. They will complete the inspection of the property to ensure that it is in good condition and the returning of the security deposit. After the tenant moves out of the property, the company will also be responsible for cleaning the property and repairing any damages.
  • A major responsibility that falls to the company will be dealing with evictions. If the tenant does not pay their rent or breaches their lease in any way, the property management company should start the eviction process. This process will include filing the correct paperwork and working with eviction services to remove the tenant from the property.

Maintenance And Repairs

  • The property management company that you hire will also be responsible for keeping the property safe and in a habitable condition. This will include the management of regular maintenance and any emergency repairs. These responsibilities can be divided into property maintenance and property repairs.
  • In terms of property maintenance, the company will be responsible for ensuring that the property is functioning correctly. This will include examining the landscapes, checking for leaks and shoveling snow. This maintenance will help keep your tenants happy and will help you retain them. Good maintenance of the property will also help you attract new tenants.
  • In terms of repairs, when there are issues, the property manager will be in charge of fixing the problem. Property management companies will generally have a large network of reliable contractors that they use to complete all of these repairs.

Knowledge Of Landlord And Tenant Law

Good property management companies will have an in-depth knowledge of national and state laws relating to the property. This is important because these laws will dictate how to screen tenants, how to handle security deposits and how to terminate a lease. The eviction of a tenant will also be detailed in these laws.

The property manager will also have knowledge of property safety standards. This will ensure that your property is always adhering to state safety standards. This is important because you could face heavy fines if your property is not adhering to these laws.

Also, they may help you to research in retail market also if you ask so.

Responsible For Taxes

A responsibility that not all property managers will take on is filing taxes for the property. If the property manager does take on this responsibility, they will assist the owner in understanding how to file the taxes for the property. They may also be able to file the taxes for the property owner.

There are many responsibilities that property management companies may take one. Some of these tasks will be more common than others such as collecting rent and taking care of property maintenance.

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