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Our Property Management Company Takes Good Care Of The Building In West Milton

West Milton, Property Management Company

The property management company that handles the high rise building where I live has really stepped up its game. They have always done a great job, but they are taking extra steps to ensure that the building is well cared for. It requires a lot of work.

Recently, we were informed that all condo units would be subject to a bed bug treatment. They have handled the scheduling really well. We are already serviced by Orkin once a month, and it’s nice to know that the extra treatment is covered by our association dues already. The company really takes care of us and the property.

I Met A Real Estate Investor In West Milton Who Has Great Advice About Getting Started

Recently as I was getting back into the stock market, I met a property investor who also invests in real estate. He owns property that he rents out to people, and he also fixes up properties to sell them. He has built himself quite a portfolio. The man is a mentor to me now, and I think he wants to see if I’m interested in property investing.

He told me the story about how he first started out. He learned the bank would loan him 100 percent of the money he had already saved. He decided to buy his first property that way. He still holds that original property to this day.

I Never Thought I Would Need A Real Estate Broker

I never even considered I may one day need a real estate broker. I had no intention of ever leaving my home and would never need any help selling it. But life often throws curve balls at you and makes you consider things you never thought you’d have to. This has happened to me.

I love my job. The pay is great and I love what I do, and finding another one that I love equally as well, especially around here will be next to impossible. Sadly, I recently learned that my employer will be shutting down operations in my town which will require me to relocate if I wish to continue working with them. Oh well, I guess I’ll be needing a real estate broker now.

The Village Of West Milton Near Dayton Is An Interesting Place

Home to about 5000 people, the village of West Milton is a nice little community. There are some very interesting notable people throughout history from this area of the Buckeye state, including Mike Kelly, who is known for being one of the best college football coaches. Perhaps you are looking at communities in and around Dayton OH so that you can find the right place to settle down. Take a good look at the village of West Milton, and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Its overall grade of B+ in terms of places to live is pretty consistent with the Dayton Metro area. If you look closer to Cincinnati, you’re going to see neighborhoods with better grades. Yet homes are more expensive over in that area of the state, and well, B+ isn’t a bad grade at all. You’re really going to love the cost of living in West Milton and the surrounding areas, and you’re going to like housing costs, too. Let’s take a look at those housing costs.

As expected, the median home value is just over the top of $100k at $108k. If you’re planning to rent, you can expect the rent to be around $825 on average. It is important to mention that about 70 percent of the population is made up of homeowners. That’s impressive, and you can imagine you’re going to find cute and older neighborhood in the village. You are likely to find all kinds of property listings though. If you like what you’re reading about West Milton, perhaps it is time to start looking at listings.

Out of 281 Ohio suburbs, West Milton ranks #146 on the list in regards to its public schools. It ranks #156 on that same list in regards to the best places to buy a home. And then in terms of the suburbs with the lowest cost of living, it breaks the top #100, coming in at #90. There are great outdoor activities to enjoy in and around the area, and the commuting score for the village is a B- if you’re going to be employed outside West Milton.

The weather is graded a C+, but I wouldn’t think that the season is all that bad up there. You might get some snow every so often and quite a lot of rain, but it’s not half bad. Look at listings and different neighborhoods within the village to see what you think.

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