The Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals – The Past, Present And Future

The Cincinnati Bengals is a professional American football team franchise in the NFL (National Football League). The team is a member of the AFC (American Football Conference) North, and the team’s home stadium is the Paul Brown Stadium. It is located in Cincinnati.

Currently, the position of head coach is held by Marvin Lewis. He was hired into this position in 2003. Coach Lewis is only one of two of the longest tenured coaches in the league. The longest tenured coach is Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots.

Rivals of Cincinnati Bengals

The team’s main rivals are the:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Cleveland Browns

The team was founded by Paul Brown in 1966. Brown was once a head coach for the Cleveland Browns. He was not only founder of the team, he was also the team’s head coach from 1967 to 1975.

Paul Brown was dismissed by the majority owner of the Browns, Art Modell, in 1963. It was after this incident Brown expressed an interest in establishing another professional football team in Ohio. Even though he considered Columbus and Cincinnati, he eventually chose the latter when a deal was struck by the city, the Cincinnati Reds and the county (Hamilton). The agreement included the construction of a multipurpose stadium that could act as host for both professional football and baseball games.

Cincinnati Bengals – History

The football franchise took its name from another team called the Cincinnati Bengals. The former team played between the years of 1937 and 1941. The name was also chosen as a sign of respect for Paul Brown. He coached a high school football team that was nicknamed the Tigers.

A franchise was granted to the ownership group in 1967, and Paul Brown named the team the Bengals in honor of the former team and to connect it to the past and present professional football in the city. However, as a possible scoff to his previous boss, Paul Brown chose the same shade of orange used by the Cleveland Browns as one of the colors for the Cincinnati Bengals. Black was chosen as the secondary color for the team.

During its first two seasons, the team played their home games at Nippet Stadium. The stadium is currently the home for the University Of Cincinnati’s football team, the Bearcats. All training camps until 1969 were held in Wilmington, Ohio at Wilmington College.

The team made it to the Super Bowl two times during the 1980s, but unfortunately, the team lost to the San Francisco 49ers both times. It made a reappearance to the Playoffs, and made it to the second round before losing to the LA Raiders.

Cincinnati Bengals – Mascot

The official mascot of the team is a Bengal tiger. Its name is ‘Who Dey’, and it is commonly seen walking around on the field right behind the goal post. The team also has a cheerleading squad called the Cincinnati Ben-Gals.

Cincinnati Bengals – Mascot


The team has made many contributions to the NFL. One of these contributions is the Zone Blitz. This is a defense that was created to overcome the West Coat Offense, a contribution also created by the Bengals. The blitz was created and coined by Dick LeBeau, former defensive coordinator, who also served as the team’s head coach between 2000 and 2002.

Another contribution is the No-huddle offense. This offense is used by teams when there is not a lot of time left in the game. However, the head coach in 1988, Sam Wyche, decided to make high-paced offense the standard for all ball clubs. By quickly changing up the play within 10 seconds instead of the designated 45 seconds, the team kept the defense of the other teams from bringing in substitute players. In response, the League implemented rules for allowing enough time for defensive substitutions.

Notable Players Of Cincinnati Bengals

Throughout the years, the team has had several notable players on its roster. Some of these players are:

  • Charlie Joiner (inducted in Hall of Fame)
  • Andy Dalton (current Quarterback)
  • Chad Johnson (also known as Chad Ochocinco)
  • Ken Riley (Played in over 207 games, best defensive back in franchise history)
  • Boomer Esiason (left handed Quarterback, four time Pro-Bowler)

The Cincinnati Bengals is a source of pride for the residents of the Cincinnati. The team is continuously making strides to improve not only its hometown and its residents, but also the League itself.

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