Spring Grove Cemetry Cincinnati

What You Should Know About The Spring Grove Cemetry Cincinnati?

Spring Grove Cemetry Cincinnati

There is a cemetery in Cincinnati by the name of the Spring Grove Cemetery. It is located near Northside. It is a historic site, one that contains places where people have been buried, and it also has an arboretum. You will instantly see the influence of Gothic revival style found throughout the entire area. There have been several notable people that have been buried here, and it is also a place where you can get a tour. If you do not know anything about the cemetery, here is a brief overview of what you can expect to see if you decide to take a tour of this unique location.

Origins Of The Spring Grove Cemetery

This is technically a garden cemetery and is in the top five largest of all cemeteries that you will find in America. Due to its size, and its history, it is a historic landmark that has been registered and recognized. The history books have documented that this started back in 1844. It was originally designated for people that were part of something called the Horticulture Society of Cincinnati. It was actually designed based on other cemeteries that were in Massachusetts, and also a cemetery located in Paris. Inside of the cemetery is many different groves. It is believed that is why it is now called the Spring Grove Cemetery. Once it was designed, one of the first burials occurred in 1845, and subsequently, thousands of others have been buried at this location.

Why Is This Cemetery Famous?

There are many notable reasons why this is a popular place for tourists. For example, they have the famous weeping statue. There have been many notable burials at this location. Some of them that have notoriety were actually part of the Civil War. There are kernels, US senators, congressmen, and even a well-known Quaker abolitionist that is buried there. There is even a Civil War general, as well as a writer and physician by the name of Daniel Drake who is well known for what he has written.

What You Find On The Website?

For those that have recently lost a loved one in Cincinnati, you can go to the website in order to contact representatives to schedule a time for a burial. You can also learn about the grounds and the many different monuments and landmarks that are within this cemetery which are unique. Additionally, there are events that you can learn about. This would include the many tours that they provide throughout the year. There are actually people that get married at this cemetery, something that can also be scheduled by visiting the website, or by simply calling a representative of the cemetery itself.

Why Do People Take A Tour Of The Cemetery?

Although it may seem odd that anyone would want to take an official tour of the cemetery, it has to do with the history and notoriety of this location. As mentioned before, many famous people have been buried there, and some people like to learn about the history of places by understanding who had once lived in the region. In addition to all of this, there are 12 ponds that are very beautiful. There are also works of art in the form of tombstones that have been placed there over the decades. There are also memorials, and you will definitely see examples of what is called Gothic revival architecture, one of the main reasons that this cemetery is such a well-known landmark in Cincinnati.

If you happen to be traveling to Cincinnati soon, you may want to book a tour. You are going to see iconic architecture that cannot be seen anywhere else. You will also marvel at the size of the cemetery, and the many trees and ponds that actually make this place very pleasant and peaceful. When you see the weeping statue or the tombstones of the famous people that have fallen, this will contribute to the overall effect. If you have the time, it is certainly worth spending a few hours at this cemetery which is one of the most outstanding cemeteries that has ever been designed. You can contact them by phone to find out about when tours will occur, and book yours right away. Once you have been there, it is a place that you will never forget because of how interesting this cemetery is in comparison to many others that you will have seen. Vent Haven Museum is also a worth place to visit in Cincinnati.

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