Looking For Work In Commercial Property Management In Sherwood?


Bless my husband for looking for work in commercial property management. He knows that I personally own a dozen commercial properties around town that I inherited when my parents passed. Right now, my sister handles managing them, as stipulated by the will, as they were trying to give her a chance at getting the business experience like she wanted.

However, she stinks at it. That, and she’s soon to get married and have her own kids, so she won’t have time for it.

I rely on the properties for income, and the will says the commercial property management has to be done by a family member for ten years. So, my husband is trying to land work in that field so he can learn how to take over for my sister the next time she drops the ball.

How I Bought A Commercial Property In Sherwood?

I wanted to buy a commercial property in Sherwood because I had an idea for a business and wanted to get started with it. To find a property, I checked online listings on a regular basis until I found a place to buy that was in a location I was happy with.

Once I found a good listing, I made sure to go to the place to check it in person. I also hired an inspector to check it in case there was any serious issue I needed to be made aware of. Once everything checked out, I bought the property and started my business in it.

My Husband Wants To Know How To Lease Commercial Real Estate In Sherwood?

My husband wants to know how to lease commercial real estate. It’s something that has come up in late night conversation and sometimes over dinner when the kids aren’t around.

I think I know what’s going on. I’m a real estate agent that deals mostly with residential properties, but I’ve dabbled in the commercial side of things.

His parents own a warehouse they’ve run a business out of for two generations, but they’re not only old but not doing well. He’s thinking ahead to after.

He knows his brothers will want to keep the family business going, but he also expects he’ll have space in the warehouse to partition off and lease to other businesses. He’s hoping I can land tenants to help his brothers keep their location.

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Sherwood OH – The Suburb Of Cincinnati Is A Nice Place To Live

Sherwood OH has a population of only about 4000 people, but that is par for the course in comparison to many Cincinnati suburbs. There are quite a few of those suburbs, each of them small, niche communities, and many of them affluent. As you might have imagined, Sherwood is part of Hamilton County. According to a site that rates neighborhoods, Sherwood gets an overall grade of A+, which is also often par for the course in terms of Cincinnati neighborhoods.

If Sherwood OH is like the other suburbs, most people that live in the community are going to be owners. Do you think that’s the case? In fact, 92 percent of the population own their homes, which by the way, is a little less than some of the other suburbs. The homes in Sherwood are actually more affordable, too, with a median home value under $200k. You can bet that makes Sherwood a great place to invest in property and buy that home of your dreams.

Sherwood- The Ideal Place To Raise A Family

Some of the other suburbs rank higher in terms of places to raise a family, but the real estate is also more expensive in those communities. The cost of living grade assigned to this suburb is a B+, which is actually quite surprising. Sherwood mostly gets A’s and B’s for each category, with the exception of one, weather.

If you live in Hamilton County already, what’s up with the weather there? Each of the suburbs of Cincinnati gets a C in terms of weather. I’m sure it snows there, but come on, a C is a little much as I always say when it comes to Ohio weather. You would think the summers are mild compared to some states, and you would think the winters are mild compared to some states as well. You get to see the leaves change, and you get that excellent springtime weather.

While the housing is cheaper in Sherwood than some of the other suburbs, the cost of living is about the same. That is to be expected since all of the suburbs are in the same county, Hamilton County. Sherwood actually gets a B- for nightlife, which honestly means it has a little more nightlife than some of the other suburbs of Cincinnati. That’s a wrap in terms of a basic overview of the neighborhood, and now it’s time to look at properties in Sherwood.

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