Roebling Suspension Bridge Cincinnati

Overview Of The Roebling Suspension Bridge In Cincinnati

Roebling Suspension Bridge Cincinnati

Located near the center of Cincinnati is a landmark called the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. When you find this on a map, it is technically located in Covington, crossing over the Ohio River. It is a beautiful bridge, design back in the mid-19th century. At the time, they needed to find a way to get across the river. The main way that traffic was able to go across the river was because of steamboats. There were quite a few steamboats at that time, creating what would be considered a traffic jam, yet it was on a waterway. They needed to find a solution to get people safely across from one side to the other. That’s why they decided to build a bridge. It was started by an individual in Saxonburg in the state of Pennsylvania. A man by the name of John A. Roebling started to design a suspension bridge, and that is what we have here today. Contemporary Arts Center is also an interesting place to visit in Cincinnati.

How Is It Constructed?

Going back to the mid-1800s, there was a structure called the Covington tower that was started. This is when the excavation project began. They used the modern technology of the time to put oak beams as a foundation. They used iron bolts and hardware to secure the 13 layers together. Once that was done, cement was used to hold it in place. Everything was going fine on the Covington side. However, progress was moving at a snail’s pace over in Cincinnati. One of the main problems had to do with the water which was very difficult to move out of the way. Although they had created an excavation pit, they did not have the technology necessary to remove water as fast as it needed to be removed. Roebling decided that, instead of getting larger machines that using displacement pumps would be the best choice, ones that were actually built locally. Despite being handmade, they worked very well, and this subsequently leads to reaching the gravel bed of the river. After a long winter, progress moves forward at a much faster pace, leading to the construction of the bridge.

Alterations That Have Occurred Over Time

Although the bridge is in the exact same spot as it was over a century ago, it has been modified several times. In 1896, they decided to reinforce the bridge by adding additional cables. It was given a weight limit of about 30 tons, and just a few decades ago, it was painted blue. This was in stark contrast to the brown color that it had had for quite some time. It was subsequently honored in 1976, the same time it was being painted, and was later designated as one of the most prominent landmarks in the Cincinnati and Covington area. Extensive repairs commenced in 2006. This caused the bridge to be shut down. Fortunately, there were other bridges that could compensate for the lack of traffic over the bridge during this time. They also decided to repaint the bridge in 2008. In 2010, the painting job was completed. It was in early 2013 that sandstone actually fell on the bridge. This took several hours to clean up. Other than that, it has had very few problems and has served the communities of Cincinnati and Covington very well, allowing people from either side to crossover without any problems.

If you ever go to Cincinnati, you should travel over this bridge. You might have family or friends that are in Covington that you could visit. Even if you don’t, it’s nice to go over this historic monument that was created so long ago. It is a very well-designed suspension bridge that is exceedingly old. You will understand why it was so difficult to construct this bridge once you see the Ohio River and the way that it was positioned over the water. It was an incredible engineering feat, especially for those that were living in the 1800s that may have had to come up with some of the strategies that we use in building modern bridges today. At the very least, you should drive up to the bridge and get a few pictures. It is something that is certainly worth sharing on social media with friends and family.

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