Newport Aquarium Cincinnati

Things To Know Before You Visit The Newport Aquarium Cincinnati

Aquariums are awesome, because they allow you to take a glimpse into the secret life of the ocean. Without them, you’d never be able to see the amazing sea life that populates our planet. The Newport Aquarium Cincinnati is among the most impressive of its kind, so consider visiting it, if you can. You’ll love the experience, as this aquarium boasts a whooping number of five acrylic tunnels, 14 galleries and 70 exhibits. There are over 20,000 animals living in the aquarium, so you may never get to see them all. Here’s what you need to know before your visit.

Newport Aquarium Cincinnati

Advance Planning

Schedule your visit as early in the day as possible, because the Newport Aquarium tends to get crowded during afternoons. Besides, by getting there early, you’ll have plenty of time to visit all the exhibits and to take part in interactive activities such as touching sharks and penguins. There are also various presentations you can attend, hence the need for through planning of your trip to the aquarium.

Plan your visit in advance. As this facility is huge, you may not have enough time to cover it in one day, so you’ll have to skip some of the objectives. Advance planning will enable you to make the most out of your day, as you’ll already know what you want to see and what events to attend. This will enable you to avoid wasting time with thinking where to go next. You can make use of the map on the official website of the Newport Aquarium to plan your day. In addition, you should observe the daily schedule by time, in order to be efficient in planning your activities for the day. This is the best way to avoid planning for something that closes before you get there.

Interesting Things To Do

Inform yourself on the things to do, and choose the ones that seem the most interesting. You can cross the shark bridge, you can touch anemones, sea stars and horseshoe crabs, or you can create your own seahorse at the Seahorse Creation Station. If you love penguins, you are welcome to watch the biologists taking care of these amazing animals, and listen to a presentation given by one of the sea life specialists.

If you are from Newport or you intend to spend more than a few days here, you can buy an annual pass that gives you unlimited visits to the Newport Aquarium for 365 days. This may be very interesting, as it’s difficult to cover everything within a few hours, so you may want to come back multiple times. Basically, you only need two visits to have the pass paying for itself.

Best Time to Visit

Visiting the aquarium around Christmas can be exciting, particularly for the children. They would surely be thrilled to visit the Water Wonderland with Scuba Santa, so you may want to plan your trip around these dates.

Going as a group will give you some benefits. For instance, you’ll have lower admission rates. You may be able to experience penguin and shark breakfasts, but you’d have to gather over 30 people to enjoy this experience that takes place before the opening for the general public.

Purchasing Online Tickets

Buying your tickets online may save you from having to wait in line at the entrance. If you know the date of your visit, you should take advantage of the internet to purchase your tickets. Like this, you’ll have more time for your actual experience.

Learn Before You Visit

Before getting to the aquarium, you may want to learn a few things about seahorses, stingrays, alligators, sharks, penguins and other animals. This would make your visit even more interesting, as you’d already know something about the behavior and the habits of these creatures.

According to other visitors, the Newport Aquarium is more than a simple tourist attraction. It is a place where you can educate yourself on the life forms populating our oceans and rivers, a place where you can immerse into the wonderful diversity of our planet and meditate to our life purpose. Children and adults alike are thrilled by the opportunity to see and touch animals they may never see again in their whole lifetime. There’s no wonder this aquarium is such a popular attraction.

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