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Multifamily Properties in Cincinnati

Multifamily residential properties are one of the most sought out investments for commercial investors. Multifamily properties can range from a duplex all the way to residential apartment communities. Multifamily can be a great entry for first-time investors or an opportunity to increase your investment portfolio. 3CRE Multifamily has extensive experience and expertise to help investors value, purchase, or dispose their multifamily properties in order to meet their investment needs. In partnering with our clients some of the services we provide are:

  • Disposition & Acquisition
  • Multifamily market research and analytics
  • Multifamily Asset Valuation
  • Financial Analysis (P&L, NOI, CAP Rate, Cash on Cash, IRR)
  • Customized Marketing and Offering Memorandums
  • Property Management
  • Partnerships with Lenders, attorney, accountants for retail and 1031 tax deferred transactions

3CRE Multifamily will provide you with first class service and collaboration to ensure your next multifamily transaction is optimally successful. See are available listings in a city near you:

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