Make A Profitable Commercial Real Estate Investment In Madeira, OH Today


Have you made a profitable commercial real estate investment? I’ve been blessed and was able to do just that. I purchased a condo back in 2012 that was at a rock bottom price. Originally, the units were selling for over $100k, and I picked mine up for $35k. The property values are now back on the rise.

Making a real estate investment of any kind that you work hard to take care of feels good. Handle the maintenance and repairs, pay the taxes, be a proud property owner and enjoy the appreciation, not depreciation, of your asset. Real estate is always a good investment. Search out a commercial real estate investment today at that can be profitable for you.

Having Property in Madiera? Property Maintenance And Repair Issues Need To Be Addressed As Soon As Possible

Property and maintenance repair issues are important to take care of in a timely manner. Let them get out of hand, and you have a laundry list a mile long. Naturally, some maintenance and repair issues are a little more costly. That’s why you need reserve funds set aside as a property owner to handle such situations.

Boy have I learned that the hard way. When I bought my first home, I had a fixer-upper. It seemed a little easier to take on projects myself and not be held to a specific standard. I have a private condo now that is part of a commercial building. I welcome the changes across the board, but I have had to work at building up reserve funds for maintenance costs. It was a lesson that I’m glad I learned.

Hire A Commercial Real Estate Broker To Help You Buy Or Sell Properties in Madeira, OH

Are you trying to buy or sell a commercial property? If so, you are going to need a commercial real estate broker. The licensed and experienced professional specializes in helping clients through the process of buying or selling. Perhaps you are wanting to make that big investment, or maybe you are trying to sell a property to get a good deal.

The appraisal process and other processes involved in commercial properties are different than residential properties. Business owners are going to expect quite a lot on the buying end, and sellers are going to be meticulous, too. Whether you are the buyer or seller of a commercial property, you need a good broker to help you out.

Madeira OH Is A Great Cincinnati Suburb To Explore & Have Some Fun

You’ve heard of Cincinnati, but have you heard of Madeira? Madeira is a Queen City suburb, and it is a beautiful place to explore. You are going to find attractions within the small city that is part of Hamilton County, and you will find nearby attractions as well. Plus, you are going to want to know what restaurants to stop by while you are there.

Here are some great places of interest when you are visiting Madeira OH.

Cheers to Art is the #1 place of interest in Madeira, and its location is 7700 Camargo Road. It’s a great place to visit with family, friends or when going on a date. It’s a fun little adventure, and you get to create a work of art. Fiberlicious and Westy’s Pub are the other two places of interest mentioned on one of the travel sites I use. If you expand your search outside of the city that is home to less than 10,000 people, you are going to find plenty of other great things to do as well.

Restaurants in Madeira

Let’s talk about restaurants that are in Madeira OH. Depot Barbecue is one of them, and it is located at 7701 Railroad Avenue. One thing that is interesting about this dining establishment is that it’s a former train station. You can order at the counter, and you can enjoy eating outdoors if you like as well. Depot Barbecue is a great stop for a family meal in the city of Madeira OH.

Another great stop is Ferrari’s Little Italy and Bakery, and then there is also Chuy’s and A Tavola. You will also find a Starbucks and a Dominos Pizza within the city limits. Let’s take a look at that bakery. Its location is 7677 Golf Terrace, and you’re going to find delicious baked goods and scrumptious Italian cuisine. People say you get that ‘Old Italy‘ feel, which is very authentic and romantic. If you are in the mood for Italian food, then Ferrari’s Little Italy and Bakery in Madeira is the place.

Madeira is a choice city suburb of Cincinnati in terms of places to live. Mason may be the #1 choice, but you have many Cincinnati suburbs and also neighborhoods to choose from. Montgomery is another great place to look at for sure. Now you are familiar with what all you can enjoy when you arrive in Madeira ready to have some fun.

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