Krohn Conservatory Cincinnati

Overview Of Krohn Conservatory Cincinnati

There is a conservatory located in Eden Park, a place that was built back in 1933. It was started because of what was called the Art Deco era, and has become a place that people gravitate to in order to see something very special. It contains aluminum and glass walls, creating a very unique appearance. If you wanted to actually see a desert, or a rain forest, you would have to travel far outside of Cincinnati. The other option is to come to the Krohn Conservatory Cincinnati location that so many people visit annually. Here is an overview of what you can expect to see once you arrive at this beautiful oasis in the midst of a metropolitan area.

What Is At The Krohn Conservatory

This is a conservatory that has about 3500 plant species. They have been obtained from all over the world. What is unique about this facility is that it continues to upgrade what it has, and offer special exhibits and programs. There is what is called the Butterfly Show, a place where you can see literally thousands of different types of butterflies that are flying all around the showroom. It is also a place where they have created a very specific garden setting which is perfect for the butterflies that are allowed to naturally roam.

What Exhibits Do They Have?

Some of the exhibits that they have include the rain forest waterfall, one of the most famous aspects of this facility. They also have on permanent display exotic plants of all different types in separate areas. For example, there is the Orchid house, a location where you can see a multitude of different types of orchids, a place that is open year-round. In addition to this house, they also have those that are designed for deserts, tropical locations, and one called the Palm house which is very popular.

Krohn Conservatory Cincinnati

What Seasonal Shows Do They Have?

The seasonal shows that they have available will include Arctic Blast, Cincinnati Choo Choo, and a wide variety of programs that are representative of the season that they are in. For example, they have fall event programs that are designed to commemorate the autumn season, one that allows both children and adults to explore different aspects of nature. The reason that this is such a beneficial place is that Cincinnati is an incredibly large city, and it is a location that allows people to travel just a few miles to get back to nature.

Which Are The Most Favorite Exhibits?

The exhibits that are the best, according to many people online, is the Home exhibit which has enormous giant palm trees, and indoor waterfall, and a tropical rain forest that you can walk through. Although this is a much smaller scale in comparison to traveling to areas like Costa Rica or Hawaii, you get a feel for actually being in these settings. It is large enough to host up to 120 people at a time, and is a facility that is available to everyone.

Catering Events At Krohn Conservatory Cincinnati

You can cater events there if you want to. They have many excellent catering programs and professionals that are responsible for events of all different kinds. You might be planning an event with your kids where they are going to have a birthday party, or it could be a special gathering for people having a class reunion coming back into the Cincinnati area. It is the beautiful setting that attracts people, and for those that do appreciate the natural world, this is one of the best destinations in the Cincinnati area, and far beyond, in the state of Ohio.

If you do get a chance to visit at some point in time, you will be very impressed with the Krohn Conservatory. There is a substantial amount of work that has gone into this place in Eden Park, a location that has been available to the public since the 1930s. Although there were many other green houses when all of this started in the 1890s, it has become something even more special. Although there was damage done in 1966 as a result of a hailstorm, they have come back stronger than ever and present one of the best attractions in the state of Ohio that you certainly should consider visiting.

Cincinnati has everything to offer you that can make your visit a memorable one. If you are fond of historical places, don’t miss a trip to The Taft Museum of Art.

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