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Hauck Botanic Gardens In Cincinnati

Why You Should Visit The Hauck Botanic Gardens In Cincinnati?

Hauck Botanic Gardens In Cincinnati

Located in between Corryville and Walnut Hills in Cincinnati is a place called Hauck Botanic Gardens. Located north of the Ohio River, this former estate has scenic grounds that you can see when you visit. There are many unique aspects of this place which motivate tourists to visit. For example, there are 900 different types of evergreens, shrubs, and trees that are found throughout these botanic gardens. Here is a little more information on why you should consider spending an hour or two at the Hauck Botanic Gardens.

Overview Of The Hauck Botanic Gardens

This horticulture garden is a beautiful location, located very close to the metropolitan area of Cincinnati. It was once owned by a man by the name of Hauck that built his estate at this location. There is no charge for admission, and it is open every day, making it very easy for people to get in. The entire location is managed by the Cincinnati Park Board, which is one of the reasons why it is so well maintained. Of interest is the Gibson-Hauck House which you should also visit. You will likely see signs for the Horticultural Society of Cincinnati there because it is their primary headquarters. There is also a beautiful English teahouse, something that was set up to commemorate something that was seen at the New York World’s Fair back in the 1930s.

What Will You Find When You Explore This Botanic Garden?

The first thing you will notice while you are there is that this is literally an oasis of greenery in the midst of the bustling roadways that completely circumvent the entire area. Once you are inside, it will be as if you have entered into a completely new world, apart from the asphalt and buildings that are so representative of the city of Cincinnati. There are many people that visit this area if they just want to relax. There are families that will come there for a picnic. The best time to go is during the spring when the trees and shrubs begin to bloom, some of which have flowers, and everything becomes green.

When Is The Best Time Of The Day To Go?

Although it is always open, you can actually see people there that manage the facility during the day. If you arrive there on the weekend, you will simply see the many people that travel there just to get away from the city. If you have kids with you, they will absolutely enjoy running through the nearly 1500 acre forest, and you might also want to take a trip over to the Krohn Observatory. There are several different family programs that you may participate in. There are quite a few picnic areas, and what many people call architectural gems. There is an enclosed area, just for dogs, one of the other features that make this area so popular.

Programs And Events

There are several programs and events that you can see while you are there. It is best to go to the website in order to find out what is happening. You will also see information about how you and your children can explore the natural setting. They even have trail maps which are available. The area is so large, you will find yourself hiking for hours. This is something that is unique considering that it is so close to the city, yet you will be surrounded by a forest. There is quite a bit of vegetation there, and during the spring, you will be impressed with everything that is blooming. It is one of the unique locations in Cincinnati for people that enjoy natural surroundings. If you are with your family and kids then you must spent some time in Smale River Front Park in Cincinnati.

If you have not been to this botanic garden before, you are in for a treat. It is one of the nicest locations in Cincinnati. Part of the reason has to do with all of the greenery that will surround you, especially during the spring and summer. If you happen to travel during the fall, you will see the leaves start to change color. If you will be in the city for a couple of days, and you just want to relax, stop by Hauck Botanic Gardens. In a city that is known for skyscrapers, this is one of the few locations that you will be able to get back to nature.

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