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French Park Cincinnati

French Park & The French House In Cincinnati OH Are Experiences Not To Miss

French Park Cincinnati

Let’s pay a virtual visit to French Park in Cincinnati OH. There is a house within the park that people use to host special events. You can host all types of private parties there, like birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. You can even host a wedding there, and it would be a beautiful setting. The house is called the French House. French House is a focal point within the 275 acre French Park. There are gardens, meadows, creeks and more that are in the park, and you will find French Park to be quite gorgeous.

There is much history to French House, as it was constructed during the early 20th century. People that have been there saying that it is like stepping back in time. It has been remodeled, so it is a nice facility to use for parties. It is a brick house that consists of two stories.

Walking Trails And Views In French Park Cincinnati

Another thing that you can have fun doing at French Park is hiking down all the trails. There are many great walking paths or trails, and they stretch for miles. You also at some points can catch views of the city of Cincinnati. You can imagine that there are great pictures you can take out there. Have you heard of Amberley Village? That is where you are going to find French Park. It’s also a great place to take your dogs if you want to get them out in nature for awhile.

Rules For Taking Your Pet In French Park

People say that you are going to see all kinds of beautiful wildflowers, and French Park is also a great area for birdwatching. If you do decide to take your animals to this park, make sure that you do keep them on a leash. It’s a rule that you can’t let the dogs roam free, but that, of course, makes sense. It’s a public park, well kept, and French House is, of course, a place where many events are held. No one wants dogs accidentally running rogue right up to a wedding ceremony.

In all seriousness, it is a good idea to take your dogs up to the park, but you just have to follow the rules. I love taking my dog to the park; however, I see so many people doing the same and not really watching out for others. Your dogs are absolutely going to love this park though, and so are you and your family. It is a great place to visit if you want to be out in nature for awhile and enjoy God’s creation.

When To Visit This Park?

There are a lot of reviews left by people who love to go hiking there. While it is definitely a park that visitors like, the locals frequent the park of course, too. According to reviews, you don’t have to worry so much about steep climbs or a very challenging hike. It is more of a leisurely walk when you go to French Park for a hike. It is also a great park to visit during all seasons.

If you want to print a park map prior to visiting so you know what to expect, that might be a good idea. Remember that this park is almost 300 acres. Of course, you could also just have fun exploring, and just so you know, the trails are of course said to be well marked. Cincinnati is such a big city, but French Park is certainly one of the great places to go in order to have an oasis outside the hustle and bustle.

You have great access to the creek that runs through the park, and you know that sounds like a good place for a picnic. You could enjoy a picnic out there anywhere. My family likes to plan family reunions at public places, and they have used facilities before that remind me of French Park in a way. I say that because the park and French House really do seem like a great place to rent and plan that special event.

Does it sound like a plan to pay French Park in Cincinnati a visit? Take your family, take the dogs, go to the park with a friend, pack a picnic, whatever you like. This beautiful park in Cincinnati is going to be a pleasure to visit.

If you want to do camping in the park or want to launch your boat, you must visit Woodland Mound in Cincinnati.

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