Findlay Market Cincinnati

Reasons To Check Out The Findlay Market In Downtown Cincinnati

Findlay Market in Cincinnati is the oldest continually operated market in the whole state of Ohio. It has become a staple of the city, with many making it a tradition to travel there from around the state. The offerings are expansive and can be rather unique. It creates an experience that you often only find in other countries.

Findlay Market In Downtown Cincinnati

Location of Findlay Market

The market is located in downtown Cincinnati in what is known as the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. This area in itself is a sight to see as it is a historical district that has been rising in popularity in recent years. Many businesses are opening old, abandoned buildings that once housed the businesses that made the city what it is today. The market itself has a strong history, having been started in 1855 and continuing to thrive today.

Things You Can Find in Findlay Market

There really isn’t anything that you won’t find at the Findlay Market. You can find various produce items, depending on the season, as well as prepared foods by a wide variety of vendors. If there are unique handmade items that you desire, it is the perfect place to look. Many of the vendors have been there for years, if not generations, and take great pride in the products that they produce. You will even find entertainment during certain times of the year to keep you entertained while you shop.

If you desire fresh meats you need look no further. There are dozens of vendors that are indoors that sell everything from fresh beef to fish. You can also find an array of cheeses, flowers and ethnic foods. If fresh produce is what you are after you will want to visit on the weekends when the farmer’s market is held right outside.

Working Hours Of Findlay Market

Unlike similar markets that operate in the Midwest, the Findlay Market is able to remain open year round thanks to the more seasonable weather as well as that part of it is indoors. Additionally, thanks to its popularity it is open 6 days a week, only closing on Mondays. The hours do vary depending on the season, so if you plan to visit you will certainly want to check their hours online before heading down.

Best Time To Visit Findlay Market

If you are fortunate enough to visit between May and September you will have the added pleasure of getting to experience their OTR Biergarten. It is open all day on the weekends and during the early to late evening hours during the week. There you will find a variety of small brew beer options that are sure to please any palate.

Other attractions near Findlay Market

As stated above, the market is located in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, so there is much more to do within walking distance. One of the most popular destinations in the district is the Rhinegeist Brewery. The name means the ghost of the Rhine, which is alluding to the history of the area. Boasting over 25,000 feet, they have taken a rather unique approach to pleasing their visitors. While you are enjoying one of their fine brews you can choose from a number of activities. If you enjoy watching the games you will not be let down by their large screens that show the most desired games of the area. If you prefer to be more active while you enjoy your beer you can choose from ping pong and cornhole. Kids can even visit and enjoy the tours that are offered. They just are not permitted on the roof top and in the tap room. If you are visiting without children it is highly recommended that you take some time to enjoy the rooftop, especially during the summer months. You can enjoy a spectacular view while relaxing and enjoying a brew with friends or family.

The Findlay Market is a treasure of the city of Cincinnati. It is known around the country for its history as well as the eclectic mix of foods and products that can be found there. Whether you are looking for something particular or simply wish to spend a day browsing, it is guaranteed that you will find the market to be worth the visit. Don’t forget to take advantage of being in the district and visit the many destinations that surround the market.

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