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Why I Got Into Commercial Property Investing in Fairfield?


I wanted to get into commercial property investing because I like to make money. It took a bit of work to do my research on which properties to buy, but eventually, I got the hang of it and have been making money off of the properties I’ve invested in. I like to purchase properties that need a little bit of work so I can fix them up and then put them back on the market for more than I paid for them. Eventually, someone always shows interest in what I have to offer and I make money back and then some.

Common Types Of Commercial Property, Fairfield

There are quite a few different types of commercial property out there. Retail spaces and office spaces are some of the most common. Above and beyond that, however, you can also find industrial spaces, leisure spaces, multifamily properties, and land that is available for commercial use.

Within each of these categories are many different subcategories of buildings. For example, under the broad umbrella of the industrial real estate, you can find warehouses, factories, and retail distribution centers. Similarly, a variety of different properties including hotels, restaurants, and stadiums fall under the leisure category.

Typically, commercial properties are either purchased by investors and leased to businesses or they are purchased by the businesses directly. For more information on properties and its services log on to:

My Take On Retail Research Market & Analysis in Fairfield

Trying to figure out the retail market almost seems impossible. Did you hear about Toys R’ Us closing down all of its stores for good? It’s sad, and you can add Sears, JC Penney, and other stores to the list. It makes you wonder if places like Walmart are on the list in several years. Let me tell you what I think based on retail market research and analysis. My take is that most big stores will become warehouses that supply online orders. Businesses that promote a strong online presence will survive. The online world will house all the mega shopping outlets, and the brick and mortar stores that survive will be niche mom and pop stores, something of a reversal effect of what used to be happening.

Stayed With A Friend In Fairfield, Cincinnati Ohio Area

A friend of mine moved a few months ago to the Fairfield, Cincinnati Ohio area. She was offered a job there and couldn’t turn down the pay. It was a great job for a huge company that was growing. She found an apartment to rent before moving there and I helped her pack and get moved in. It was only about an hour away from where I live. I was only available for the day to help her and she told me that once she was all settled in and we both had free time, I could come stay for the weekend with her. I really wanted to make plans to do this.

After about a month of her living there and telling me how great it was, she asked me if I wanted to come stay the weekend with her. She said she was on the next two weekends and either one would work for her. I checked my schedule and work and I was able to take some time off to go in for the weekend. I couldn’t wait to hang out and see the city. I let her know which weekend would work the best for me and I asked her if there was anything interesting going on for that weekend. She said there was always something going on in the Fairfield, Cincinnati Ohio area and that she would check to see what was going on for that weekend.

The next day my friend sent me a text letting me know what events were going on. She also said we could just go out to eat and hang out at a local bar she found that she really likes. I thought that sounded like a good idea for the first night there.

I arrived at my friend’s apartment and she showed me how much she had gotten done in the time since she moved in. She got everything unpacked and put away and her apartment was decorated so cutely! After she showed me around she told me about the restaurant options and which ones she has tried. I kinda wanted to get Mexican food and she agreed that would work for her too.

We went out to eat and had a really great dinner and the margaritas were perfect. After that, we went to the bar and I got to meet a few of her new friends. It was a great time and I want to go back soon!

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