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I was looking at an article about real estate brokers and what some of them won’t tell you. It makes you think twice about making sure you pick the right broker. While most of them won’t act as though they are simply protecting their best interests, you want to be sure. That’s why you do your due diligence when picking out a broker to help you when selling or searching out properties. You don’t want any problems arising as you make serious investment decisions. You want a knowledgeable agent that strives hard to work for you so that both you and the agent benefit from the deal at hand.

Real Estate Investment Advice – Have Enough Reserve Funds

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give you when investing in real estate is to make sure you have enough capital. It’s not just about buying the property. You need reserve funds for maintenance and to protect your investments. You are going to be generating income, but you don’t want to strain your finances keeping the business going.

You can get yourself into quite the pickle without enough reserve funds. That’s the bottom line. As a matter of fact, leveraging finances to purchase property and not having enough reserve funds is the way that one of the financial gurus I follow went bankrupt early on. He has reinvented himself and now helps people avoid the same financial pitfalls he faced.

It Is Important To Trust The Right Property Management Team

There are all different types of property management companies out there. In my experience, there have been two different companies and four different property managers in the past six years for the condo building where I live. That may sound bad, but let me explain.

First, we collectively made a move to a different and much more suitable company, one that is very respected in the city where I live. The property manager with that second company then got a promotion. More recently, the third property manager also got a promotion. Now we have a newer manager, but she is backed by veterans. The takeaway here is sure that you have the right team of people managing your property.

Fairborn Is A City Near Dayton & The Wright Patterson Air Force Base

How familiar are you with the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? If you chose to live in Fairborn, you would be right near this base. That sounds pretty cool, don’t you think? The motto for Fairborn is ‘Tradition & Innovation. Fairborn is its own city and very close to Dayton OH. Let’s take a look at what you need to know if you plan to live there.

The population of the city is right around 35,000 people, and one reputable source gives Fairborn a B+ when it comes to livability. The city gets a B for jobs, places for families to live, health and fitness, nightlife and housing. The city gets a B- for its public schools and weather. Perhaps what brings the overall grade down from the A level to the B+ level is the individual grade for crime and safety, which is a C+. That’s a C+, which is almost a B-, but still, that C stares you right in the face.

Honestly, that is a red flag, but you have to remember that’s the entire city. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t safe and luxurious neighborhoods in the city of Fairborn. The city does get rated well according to other individual criteria. If you are concerned about the crime and safety part, you can certainly look at individual neighborhoods within Fairborn to make sure that you pick one with a better public safety rating.

My family really paid attention to that when they moved to the city in which we live. It is a tourist town and a great city, yet there are certain areas that are known for more crime. They picked a really nice neighborhood. You want to do the same so that you feel comfortable calling Fairborn home. You will enjoy the low cost of living there, and the median home value is only right above $100k. The median rent is even below the national average.

There are other nearby cities and neighborhoods to learn more about if you want to live in that area. Compare them to Fairborn to see what you think. You are right close to Dayton, and it’s going to be neat living next to the base, too. Think about what you want in a home and in a community. You are going to really enjoy everything that the city and surrounding area have to offer up in that part of the country. If searching property for investment or giving property on lease, then you must contact: https://3cre.com/commercial-real-estate-dayton-ohio/.

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