Don’t Just Consider Big Firms In Enon, Dayton, When Hiring A Broker

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When hiring a real estate broker, what do you look for? Prominence is one thing, but you want to be sure the agent you depend upon is focused on helping you. Many people think that the bigger firms are the way to go when selling a property. They can be but think about it for a moment as if you were the buyer.

As a buyer, you don’t care what agency is working to sell a property. You only care about getting in touch with the right property. Therefore, you want to be sure that as the seller, you are first and foremost finding the best broker for the job. Find best brokers at https://3cre.com/commercial-real-estate-dayton-ohio/.

Real Estate Investment Tips You Should Know About

Investing in real estate can be stressful if you do not calculate your steps. Therefore, it is good to learn the basics so that you will be able to know what to do to be a successful real estate investor. So without further ado, here are real estate investment tips you should know about:

  • Educate yourself about investing in real estate by reading books, websites or other materials covering real estate investing.

  • If possible, talk to longer-term real estate investors

  • Consider the location of the property you want to buy

  • Look for a rental property that can gain 1% of its sale price on a monthly basis.

Property Management Teams Must Be Great Communicators

When I came back home from a working vacation, I realized that the property manager we as condo owners had been working with had left the company. We have a new property manager now, but she is from the same company that is well respected in this area. She has made a great debut, and we are pleased with what she is doing.

Enon OH Near Dayton Is A Nice Village For People To Call Home

Are you familiar with Speedway gas stations? Did you know that Enon OH serves as the headquarters for the company? The name of the village also has Christian ties to the river in the country of Israel where John the Baptist baptized people. It has a really cool name, is headquarters to a major company and is not far from Dayton OH, only about 23 miles. Enon is located in Clark County, and let’s look at some of the specifics about the neighborhood if you are considering living there.

The grade given to Enon is a B+ overall according to one top site that rates communities across the country according to the best places to live. The factors that contribute to a city, village, suburb or community being a good place to live include crime and safety, public schools, housing, cost of living, diversity, jobs and more. This particular site gives separate grades to places for whether or not they are a good place for families to live. The rating for Enon matches its overall rating of B+.

Enon is home to a little less than 3000 people, and the median home value is about $143k. That is about $40k under the national average, which means you’re going to find some great deals on properties in the area. The median rent is one of the lowest I’ve seen for this part of Ohio. It is about $650, which is approximately $300 lower than the national average.

About 75 percent of the population is comprised of homeowners. One of the communities I wrote about earlier made the top #100 places to live in Ohio in regards to the cost of living. It came in at #90, and guess what, Enon comes in at #25. Enon ranks #173 in terms of public schools and #135 for best places to buy a house. Enon seems like a really nice village to live in, and it puts you within a hop, skips and a jump of the city of Dayton.

In fact, you are only a little over an hour from Cincinnati, too. That stretch between Dayton and Cincinnati OH includes so many great places to live. Enon is actually northwest of Dayton, and you are really going to like the property listings you find there. Are you ready to start searching the Buckeye state? Your journey has just begun, and now it’s time to find out even more about Enon OH.

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