Duke Energy Children’s Museum

Duke Energy Children’s Museum In Cincinnati Ohio

Duke Energy Children's Museum

There is a Museum located in Cincinnati that is located at Union terminal. It was first opened up in 1998. It is called the Duke Energy Children’s Museum, a place that provides many different exhibits for children that are both educational and interactive. It was originally called the Cinergy Children’s Museum, but as with all of the large businesses and buildings that are sponsored by major players, the name will change depending upon who is making the most donations or who have purchased the building.
There are other sponsors, individuals, and companies that will receive logos and name placements inside of the facility. Some of these others include Kroger and the Banfield Pet Hospital. Here is an overview of the many different exhibits that you will see inside of this facility which has made it so popular with children and adults alike.

What Is Inside Of This Museum?

The exhibits that are inside of this museum will include an area that is just designated for children. This is so well-made, there are actually small stores, and a number of other different types of businesses, all of which are catering to the kids. There is a playground, one that seems to be inspired by looking at a farm, designed specifically for school-aged children and younger. There are also places that older children can play.
There is even an interactive machine, one that has many pedals, the kids absolutely adore. In addition to this, there are many arts and crafts exhibits. There are rooms that are designed for both permanent and temporary programs. Not too long ago a new aquarium was put in for the kids, one that contains a wide variety of different fish and a multitude of turtles. It even provides discounted admission for those that are receiving government benefits.

What Exhibits Do They Currently Have Now?

The exhibits that they currently have four kids will include a pet Academy, super sprouts, dance party, and kid space programs. The exhibits they have for adults include the Cincinnati heritage programs and insights lecture series. There is also a Museum camp which is allowing children to learn about science and technology.

Through creative activities, they are able to participate in these camps that will allow them to have fun all week. They have mission aerospace, and they even have a chocolate exhibition. There is world war one propaganda posters that are showing kids all about history. All of these things are available at this one facility which is open to the public and is considered by many to be one of the best museums in Ohio for people of all ages.

How Do You Plan A Visit?

Planning a visit is very easy. First of all, they have operating hours that are seven days a week. Open from 10 AM until 5 PM Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday they are open from 11 AM to 6 PM. General information can be found on their website, along with directions. You can also buy tickets. You can book groups which will include individual groups for organizations, and school groups, all of which are going to get discounted rates. Depending upon the time of the year, it might be much more fun. You need to find a time to go over the weather is nice. It just makes the entire event much more pleasant, and if you are traveling with a group of kids, you definitely want them to be more focused on the museum than what is going on outside.

For those that have not been to this museum before, it really is a treat. They have done a fantastic job of providing so many different activities. It really doesn’t matter how old you are, or how many kids you are bringing. Everybody is going to find something that they enjoy. If you are going to come into the Cincinnati area, and you would like to see something absolutely exquisite, you should visit the Duke Energy Children’s Museum in Cincinnati Ohio. It could be the highlight of your trip, especially if you have never been to a comprehensive museum before. It is something that you will absolutely enjoy, regardless of your age.

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