Dayton Dragons Baseball

Overview Of Dayton Dragons Baseball

There is a baseball team out of Dayton in Ohio called the Dayton Dragons. They are a minor league team, one that has actually achieved many records. Originating back in 2000, they had been a team that played out of Rockford. They have a major-league affiliation with the Cincinnati Reds, and typically sellout many of the games that they play. What is unique about this team is that they were not always on top, nor were they seemingly destined to do anything great while they were in Rockford. It was the decision to move to Dayton that changed everything, making them into one of the most popular and respected MLB teams in the country. Here is an overview of this minor-league baseball team that you might want to consider watching if you happen to be in the Dayton Ohio area.

The Origins Of The Dayton Dragons

Dayton Dragons

For those that are baseball fans, you have likely heard of this team even if you are not from Ohio. They have been featured in a multitude of magazines, and are considered one of the most valuable teams in the entire MLB. From their attendance levels to the high level of play that you will see, there is a reason that they are so popular. It was not always this way, however, when they were playing out of Rockford Illinois. Starting back in 1988, they were originally referred to as the Rockford Expos. They played for four years under this title. Subsequently, they were renamed the Royals, the Cubbies, and finally were called the Reds. It was in 1999 that changes were made that sent the team from Rockford to Dayton. It was in the year 2000 that they started to play at Fifth Third Field. Although starting at a new location is typically not a good move, at least for the first couple of years, this seemed to be exactly what they needed to do in order to take their game to a higher level. Not only did they start to play better, but they began to have regular fans that wanted to see them at every game. This led to several records that still hold today.

Where Can You See Them Play?

This team plays out of Fifth Third Field, a familiar location if you are a fan of baseball in the city of Dayton. With an average of about 8000 fans per game, it is one of the most popular teams that have originated in the state. This is specifically for Class A related attendance, and have finished strong every year since 2006. They have a total of over 800 consecutive sellouts, it now holds the record for the longest sellout streak.

Records That They Hold

The most well-known record that they have this related to their attendance levels. They are a very popular team. For 18 seasons, they have been more popular than most other teams in this league. Robert Murphy, who is the president of the Dragons, has also received awards. They were actually featured in Sports Illustrated as being one of the most popular teams for people to watch. This team has also been referred to as the organization of the year for the MLB. Other records include the highest number of strikeouts, stolen bases, and road wins. They have also been referred to as one of the top sports teams throughout the country, something that was posted in Sports Business Journal. Additionally, they have been considered one of the most valuable teams in the MLB generating a value of more than $40 million.

If you have not been to see a Dayton Dragons game, you should consider going. Based upon the record, and their popularity, you should see that it will be well worth your time and money. Even if you have never been to a minor-league baseball game before, you will be pleasantly surprised with how they play and healthful the bleachers will be. They are one of the few teams in the minor baseball league that have received such high praise from not only fans, but those that evaluate these types of teams. If you get a chance, find out when the next Dayton Dragons game will be in find out why so many people enjoy their games.

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