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Contemporary Arts Centre Cincinnati

Overview Of The Contemporary Arts Centre In Cincinnati

Contemporary Arts Centre Cincinnati

When you visit Cincinnati, you may want to consider visiting what is called the Contemporary Arts Center. This is one of the top attractions for tourists when they come to the city. It is located in the central business district of Cincinnati. It is north of the Ohio River. It is an interactive museum, one that is constantly changing the many different exhibits that are showcased each and every week. Additionally, there are many programs that are on the calendar that you can see. This is a place that locals will take children to, and teachers will bring their students, to learn about all things related to art. If you are an Arts lover then you must visit Cincinnati Arts Museum also.

Here is an overview of what you will find if you get to visit the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.

What Is The Contemporary Art Center?

This is one of the first places in the entire United States that was dedicated to art institutions. It is referred to as a non-collecting museum, one that will have a wide range of different types of artistic work. For example, when you go there you are going to see an assortment of paintings that have been done by local and regional arches. It will also have photography that has been taken by amateur photographers, as well as professionals showcasing many of the beautiful areas around Cincinnati. There are several sculptures that you can admire and architecture that is well done. It is also known as the new media and performance art platforms that are provided.

What Is The History Of This Museum?

This is a museum that is nearly 80 years old. It was started back in 1939. It was originally referred to as a modern art society center, and it was started by three women that were able to create this museum as the result of collecting donations. The primary goal was to present different types of artwork. It has gone through a couple different name changes. In the 1960s, due to the sheer volume of art that was being collected and displayed at this location, they needed to expand. After moving everything to the new location, they raised several hundred thousand dollars to renovate the new building. It provided them with a substantial amount of square footage, and was now in the downtown area of Cincinnati, making it more accessible to locals and tourists.

What Type Of Exhibitions And Projects Do They Have There?

Numerous people over the years have contributed to the many exhibitions that can be seen today. There have been many architects that have donated some of their work, as well as artists, photographers, and different materials from a wide variety of companies. They have even sold some of the art that has been donated, allowing them to raise a substantial amount of money at auction. Some of their collections have actually been shown at other museums and art festivals, going as far as New Zealand.

Controversies Surrounding This Museum

There have been some controversies associated with this museum, but they are primarily contemporary. This all began back in the 1990s. This revolved around charges against the director at the time related to obscenities that were displayed. This actually lead to a criminal trial, one that was very unique, as it involved in Art Museum of all things. It focused on photographs, several of which were inappropriate, and it led the court to state that they were pandering obscenities. Since that time, there have been no other major problems. It has simply continued to grow. When you go to the main website, it will have a calendar where you can see what is currently happening, and it will also display up-and-coming events that you can attend if you happen to be in Cincinnati at that time.

If you have not been to this museum before, it is certainly worth visiting for a couple of hours. They have done a substantial amount of work over the years. The sheer volume of artwork that is displayed, and the exhibitions that are available, make this one of the unique museums in this area of Ohio. If you are going to be spending a few weeks in the Cincinnati area, or even a few days, you should take a small amount of time to see what they are presenting. It’s a wonderful place to learn about art, and about Cincinnati, something that will be relevant to people that live there, and also to tourists that would enjoy this information.

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