Coney Island In Cincinnati

Spend A Day At Coney Island In Cincinnati

If you are looking for a destination that is sure to please everyone in your group then Coney Island in Cincinnati absolutely should be at the top of your list. From water attractions to thrill rides, there is something for everyone. In fact, you could easily spend a few days there and still not run out of new, fun things to do.

Sunlite Water Adventure

A new attraction is the Sunlite Water Adventure. It has following:

  • Bath House
  • Caribbean Decor
  • Pool
  • Extravagant Tiki Bar
  • 73 Interactive Play Stations, and
  • 130 foot water slide.

This one section of the park will keep the entire family entertained all day long, with some of the play stations being geared specifically to keep the youngest of visitors amused.

Typhoon Tower

The interactive play area is specifically known as Typhoon Tower. What sets it apart from the rest is that when the bell rings you better be prepared. That is the signal that 1300 gallons of water will soon be erupting from the 33 foot tower high above. It holds the title of the world’s largest erupting hydro-storm.

Coney Island In Cincinnati

Amusement Park

They also have an expansive amusement park for those that do not wish to get wet. There are heart pounding thrill rides as well as a wide variety of rides that cater to the little ones. If parents or older children wish not to ride they are able to enter the park for free and watch while others enjoy the rides. Their most popular thrill ride is called the Top Spin. This takes riders back and forth like a pendulum until it reaches full momentum and sends riders over the top, which is 35 feet high.

Assortment of Games

For those that aren’t a fan of going on rides, there is still something to keep them entertained. As you might expect from such an expansive park, they have a large assortment of games. Some are geared to allow the entire family to compete for a prize, which can be a great experience for all. There are some of the typical games you might expect, but they also have new games that can’t be found anywhere else.

Paddle Boating

One thing that really sets them apart from the typical amusement or water park is that they host activities on the adjacent Lake Como. There you can rent a paddle boat to take a tour of the lake and get some exercise. This is great for families as they can seat up to four people and are safe for kids to ride. They also rent canoes, which can be rented by teens and adults alike. Again, this is a great way to get in some exercise while enjoying the beauty nature has to offer.


Rather unique to this park is that they also rent what they call Como Cruisers. There are smaller than average motor boats. Kids absolutely love the experience of motoring around and even getting to take the wheel for a minute. This is what it is like to tour the lake in style.

Grand Carousel

Whatever you do while visiting Coney Island, you must take some time out to ride the Grand Carousel. It’s beauty will send you back in time to when Coney Island first became a major destination for families from around the area. The antique style carousel is 36 feet in diameter and plays tunes that will send you back to your very own childhood. Even if you do not wish to ride it yourself, it is definitely worth taking some time to watch.

If you are considering a trip to this wonderful park you should take some time to look into their hours and think about getting a season pass if you live close enough to enjoy it. There is a park map on their website that you can print out so that you can plan your entire day in advance so that you can get the most out of your time there if you wish.

Coney Island in Cincinnati is one of those gems that should be known around the United States. The park really rivals what higher priced attractions are doing. If you have not yet visited, now is the time to go and see what it has to offer.

Cincinnati is a place to offer you lots of fun and adventure. Add Krohn Conservatory to your must-see attractions list of Cincinnati.

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