Brunswick Marketplace Retail Shopping Center Brunswick, Ohio Represented Buyer

Centerville Square Retail Shopping Center located in Centerville, Ohio Represented Seller

Englewood Crossing Retail Shopping Center Englewood, Ohio Represented Seller

Scene 75 located in Milford, Ohio 85K SF Building located in Milford, Ohio and 3CRE Represented Buyer

Woodburn Avenue Apartments 31 Units Cincinnati, Ohio Represented Seller

Glendale Apartments 26 Unit Apartments located in Batavia, Ohio Represented Seller

Kettering Crossing 9,800 SF Retail Building located in Kettering, Ohio Represented Seller

Montgomery Road Office Building 25K SF Building Montgomery, Ohio Leased Remaining 2,000 SF

Midwest Retail Plaza 10K SF Building located in Cincinnati, 3CRE Ohio Represented Buyer

Blue Rock Office Building 9K SF Building located in Colerain, Ohio Represented Buyer

Alexandria Pike Apartments 16 Units located in Alexandria, Kentucky Represented Buyer

Prospect Place Apartment 12 Units located in Cincinnati Ohio 3CRE Represented Seller

Edgecliff Apartments 12 Units located in Cincinnati, Ohio 3CRE Represented Buyer

West McMicken Apartments 12 Unit Apartments Cincinnati, Ohio Represented Seller

Mard Apartments 11 Unit Apartments located in Cincinnati, Ohio Represented Seller

Mt Auburn Apartments 9 Unit Apartment + 1 Single Family Cincinnati, Ohio Represented Bank

Mulberry Street Apartments 9 Units located in Cincinnati, Ohio 3CRE Represented Seller

Deer Park Apartments 8 Unit Apartments located in Deer Park, Ohio 3CRE Represented Seller

Corbly Avenue Properties 8 Units located in Cincinnati, Ohio 3CRE Represented Seller

Fairfield Manor Apartments 8 Unit Apartments located in Fairborn, Ohio Represented Seller

Short Vine Properties 7 Unit Apartments + 3 Retail Cincinnati, Ohio Dual Agent Sale

6624 Glendale Drive has 6 Units and is located in Batavia, Ohio 3CRE Represented Seller

Pleasant Ridge Mixed Use Apartments | Retail Storefront 3CRE Represented Seller

Terrace Avenue Apartments 4 Unit Apartment located in Clifton, Ohio Represented Seller

Savannah Avenue 4Plex featuring 4 Units located in Cincinnati, Ohio 3CRE Dual Agent Sale

Klotter Duplex featuring 2 Units is located in Clifton, Ohio and 3CRE Represented Seller

Twenty Mile Plaza Leased Vacant Represented 2 Tenants & Landlord Maineville, Ohio

Check into Cash Corporate NNN 3CRE Lease Represented Landlord Brunswick, Ohio

E&O Kitchen is Located in Hyde Park, Ohio 5 Year NNN 3CRE Lease Represented Tenant

NRL Mortgage 5 yr NNN lease Represented Tenant Chicago Illinois & Cincinnati Ohio

Vivid Wraps Vehicle Wrapping located in Fields Ertel, Ohio 3CRE Represented Tenant

State Farm Insurance Franchise 3 Year NNN Lease Represented Tenant Cincinnati, Ohio

State Route 133 92 +/- Acres Williamsburg, Ohio Represented Buyer for Development

7800 Cooper Road 10,300 SF Multi-Tenant Office Montgomery, Ohio Represented Buyer

Harrison Avenue Apartments 15 Units located in Cincinnati, Ohio Represented Buyer

Cove Avenue Apartments 10 Units
Lakewood, Ohio
Represented Seller
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