Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens


If you are in the Cincinnati area you must visit the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It is one of the premier zoos in the world with some of the loveliest grounds and exhibits.

The Cincinnati Zoo has a rich history and legacy. It was the second zoo in the nation, being built in 1875. It opened just months after the United States’ first zoo, Philadelphia. Interestingly, the Cincinnati Zoo was first founded as a bird refuge to help negate an awful overpopulation of caterpillars.

The Cincinnati Zoo was founded by German immigrants. They wrote the zoo pamphlets and signs in German. It wasn’t until 20 years later that they published the zoo guide in English.

When the zoo opened its doors, it sold tickets for 25 cents an admission. It started with 769 animals including monkeys, bears, deer, raccoons, a tiger, and a hyena.

Focused To Encourage Awareness

The Cincinnati Zoo has grown a lot since it started. It now houses almost 2000 animals and has over 1 million visitors a year. It is a beautiful zoo focused on treating animals right and encouraging awareness for their visitors.

Their campaign “Close Enough to Care” was developed in hopes it would help their guests see the animals personally and develop a connection with them. They have transformed the zoo’s exhibits in order to allow visitors to view the animals as close as possible. This sometimes even mean guests can touch the animals.

The Cincinnati Zoo believes strongly that education is key is protecting these animals. They have developed an outreach program that allows zoo trainers to actually take animals into the classrooms of the area. This gives children a chance to become “close enough to care.” The children are able to emotionally and physically come close to the animal. They hope that through these experiences students will gain and appreciate a greater understanding of these beautiful animals.

The Cincinnati Zoo has a newer Africa exhibit that gets visitors “close enough to care”. It is the largest exhibit of its kind in the world. With its interactive bubble in the middle of a safari, guest can see up close lions, tigers, and all sorts of different animals.

Cincinnati Zoo Is The Greenest Zoo In US

Sustainability is very important to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was named the Greenest Zoo in American in 2010. It has a long-standing commitment to conservation. The Zoo works hard to conserve water. They have cut back on their water use by 75 percent. They also make a concerted effort to collect rainwater.

The Cincinnati Zoo has committed itself to only sending less than 1 percent of its waste to the landfills. They realized that most of what was being dumped was recyclable and compostable.

The Cincinnati Zoo also has transformed most of its energy to renewable energy. They use solar panels, wind turbines, and other energy technology to cut back on expensive utility bills.

Every new building at the Cincinnati Zoo is LEED certified. This means their buildings are built as much as possible with green material and local products. It is a rigorous process but worth the end result.

The Cincinnati Zoo has some of the most amazing botanical gardens. They have lovely native plans and beautiful garden exhibits. They also feel it is important to educate its guests on which plants are which and their importance to other animals.

Tickets For The Zoo

The Zoo costs $17 for adults and $13 for children. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. Make sure you check the website for discounts. For instance, if you purchase your tickets in advance you can get them cheaper. They also offer some great ticket packages that include admission, train rides, a trip on the carousel, and even a 4D experience.

If you live in the Cincinnati area it may be worthwhile to purchase a membership to the zoo. If you and your family visit the zoo just 2-3 times the membership pays for itself. Members also get some great perks such as early admittance and even qualify to purchase half-price tickets for friends and family. You also can get free or discounted admission to over 100 zoos in the nation.

The Cincinnati Zoo is truly a zoo unlike any other. It continues to improve and hopes that by educating its visitor’s animals and gardens can benefit.
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