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Why You Should Visit The Cincinnati Observatory In Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati Observatory, Cincinnati Ohio


One of the best places that you can take your children when they are young is an observatory. There are likely a couple of them in your immediate area. If you are in Cincinnati, or if you will be visiting soon, the Cincinnati Observatory is the place to be. There is something unique about being able to learn about the universe, and have access to a large telescope. It is a dream that many children have a becoming an astronaut, or at the very least, becoming a professional astronomer. In order to inspire your children toward what may become a career that they will follow, here are the many reasons that you should consider visiting the Cincinnati Observatory in Cincinnati Ohio

Origins Of Cincinnati Observatory

This observatory was first established in the 1840s. If you have been to Cincinnati and visited Hyde Park, this is where it is that. It actually consists of a couple different buildings, each of which has a different telescope. One of them the 16 inch whereas the other is 11 inch in size. These are refracting telescopes, and this particular location represents the oldest professional Observatory in the US. It was very useful for astronomical research and still is today, despite its close proximity to the bright lights of the city of Cincinnati. It was originally built by a person called Ormsby M. Mitchel. It was once located on Mount Ida. This makes sense considering it would place it higher, making it easier to see through the many layers of the atmosphere. It is a hill that is observable from downtown Cincinnati. Many people visited there including Pres. John Quincy Adams. It wasn’t until the 1870s that the University of Cincinnati took control of the Observatory, moving it to Mt. Lookout.

More Information On The Telescopes

The smaller telescope was originally designed in 1845. It is the one that is specified in the Mitchell building. According to some, it is one of the oldest and continually use telescopes in the world today. The other was built subsequently, nearly 60 years later, and has a 16-inch refractor. It is in the Herget building and is often used by students that are studying astronomy that need to do graduate research. Although this is not in an ideal situation, especially when compared to telescopes that are on the Big Island of Hawaii, it still provides quite a bit of information. If you get a chance to go there, you will be able to get a tour of this area where these telescopes are and learn about the rich history of the Observatory itself.

How Can You Visit This Observatory?

If you want to visit during the daytime, they have their hours posted on the website. This is perfect for tourists, locals, and students that would like to access the facility. They also have stories that are told to younger children, and you can also do wine tasting. This 19th-century Observatory is multifaceted, used by people from all over the country. They are open Monday through Friday, noon to 4 PM, and they have different activities throughout the afternoon. You can find out about public events, school programs, and you can look at the gallery of the many photographs that have been taken as a result of these exceptional telescopes.

If you haven’t been there before, these Cincinnati Observatory is a place you do need to visit. It’s considered to be one of the best in Ohio. It is a wonderful place to bring your kids, and also your class if you are a teacher in Cincinnati. It’s a place that will open the minds of young people that might be considering a future that involves NASA, or even working added observatory when they are older later in life. At the very least, it is commemorative of the ingenuity of those that were here over 100 years ago that was able to develop these wonderful telescopes that we use today. Although close to the city, you will still be able to see miraculous things in the night sky with these refracting telescopes that are just as good as they were when they were first created so long ago.

If you want to relax for some time having great views of the Ohio river and the city, you must visit to Eden park, the beautiful location in the city.

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