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Cincinnati Museum Centre

All You Need To Know About The Cincinnati Museum Centre

Cincinnati Museum Centre

The Museum Center in Cincinnati is described as a highly unique museum complex located in Union Terminal. It is also a National Historic Landmark and historical Art-Deco train station. This Museum Center happens to be the biggest cultural institution that can be found in Cincinnati, which receives over 1.4 million tourists and visitors each year. Their temporary and permanent exhibits are complemented and supported by the Geier Collections and Research Center, state-of-the-art collections, professional-development programs and educational programs designed for teachers with overnight and day camps, public programs, and lectures, community-wide cultural-events, and tours of the historic sites.

Cincinnati Museum Center is the home to 3 separate museums, which includes the Children’s Museum, the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum, along with the OmniMax theater. If you are planning to see all three museums in one day, allow for at least 6 hours of your time. It is also advisable to upgrade and pay the additional $4, to obtain your All-museum pass. This ticket will allow you to view all or any of the museums.

Special Exhibits On Offer At The Museum Center

This museum rotates their special exhibits that are typically based on historical or scientific displays. Some of the exhibits in the past included a few rarities such as the real 10 commandments, and Dead Sea Scrolls. One of the other famous exhibits included the Diana, A Celebration exhibit which went on display in the final weeks of the decade World Tour. When the tour came to an end her crown, wedding dress, family effects, and her belongings were given back to her beloved sons.

The Excitement Of The Children’s Museum

If you are visiting the museum with your family, you might want to drop your children off at the famous Children’s Museum if they are under the ages of 10. This is a space that is designed specifically for younger children. The History Museum is the most appealing to kids and adults that have a passion for world history.

This museum is one of the best rainy-day activities but comes prepared as you will walk a lot. However, this destination offers ample opportunities to take a constructive break. For example, there are places for parents to sit while their children participate in the learning-thru-play activities on offer at the Children’s Museum. This involves an entire floor dedicated to chemistry, physics, and science, all designed strategically in the form of play. Staff members are always around to chat about the exhibits as well as to set-up context for the kids.

Introduce Your Kids To ‘The Woods’

Probably the most popular spot in the building dedicated to children would be ‘The Woods’ that caters for children that are 8 years old or over. This area simulates what it feels like to be in the woods, designed for the city-kids who may have never enjoyed the experience of camping. The Woods features an attractive tank that is full of live turtles as well as fish that are native to this area. Your kids will enjoy crawling inside a tunnel positioned below this tank where they get to view marine life all around them.

If your children are younger than 8, they are also welcome to the area, but you must accompany them. Little Sprouts Farm is a play and learning area for children of 4 years old or under. Kids between the ages of 3 and 7 can participate in the Water Works play areas, while Kids Town is an innovative make-believe space where kids can find the Kroger grocery store or the pet hospital.

Advice For Families Visiting The Museum Center

Here are a few tips if you are visiting the Cincinnati Museum with your family for the first time:

  • The parking at the Museum Center costs $6 and after 4.30 pm you will only pay $4.
  • You can use one of the golf carts that travel around the parking lot, that will drop you off directly at the entrance of the museum.
  • You can rent a wheelchair or stroller for only $5 if you have decided to leave yours at home.
  • If you plan to attend a special exhibit, ensure that you have purchased your tickets beforehand online.
  • You can bring along your own food or buy meals from the on-site food services.

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