Searching for Commercial Real Estate Financing Solutions In Beavercreek

Investing in commercial real estate is an excellent idea. However, not everybody has the huge amounts needed to purchase such properties. Yet, even people who aren’t that wealthy can afford to make such investments, provided that they can find some financing solutions to suit their needs. Ideally, the monthly installments should be in line with the profit generated by the property.

This is exactly what I’m currently searching for. I have some savings, but I need to find some solid financing opportunities. I suggest you to contact expert commercial realty advisors who can help in leasing, property management and can give better consultation on financing solutions too.

The Challenges Of Hiring A Commercial Real Estate Agent

Commercial Real Estate Agents

When I started hiring a commercial real estate agent, it proved to be more difficult than I’ve ever imagined. My biggest pet peeve was that none of the agents I’ve contacted so far had been able to understand what I was looking for. They all sent me messages with property listings that don’t fit my requirements, emphasizing some features and benefits I was not really interested in.

I wondered if I’ll ever be going to find a smart commercial real estate agent or I’ll need to do all the research work by myself. This would save me the agency fee, so I might do it. But then I got to know about 3CRE, the experts in leasing, multi-family investments, retail and office space, who guided me in a required manner.

Is It Worth Investing In Multi Family Buildings?

As I want to enjoy my retirement to the full, I’m determined to invest my money in profitable assets such as gold and real estate. My latest idea is to invest in a multi family building, as this has a better potential to have a higher occupancy rate.

I haven’t made up my mind yet, as I’m still seeking for information to prove the profitability of such investments. Apparently they are worth it, but it’s always good to hear some expert advice, so if any of you knows anything about real estate investments, please let me know what I should do with my money.

Beavercreek History

Beavercreek, Ohio is one of the four original townships in a certain section of Ohio. It goes as far north as Lake Erie. It is situated in a pretty valley that is fertile with picturesque rolling hills. Beavercreek is well-known for its many fine farms. There is a ridge separating Mad River and Beaver Creek which is an area well-known for growing delicious tasting fruit.

The CH & D and the Pennsylvania railroads ran from east to west across the Township. The Xenia and Dayton Turnpike were completed in 1858 and this allowed a primary access for communication and commercialism with the 2 markets that were between these cities. The Turnpike was constructed as a joint stock company and all of the maintenance and repairs were done by a collection made at the turnpike’s tollgate. The Township had many good roads during this time and they were regularly maintained by the local government.

Beavercreek is in the cradle of Greene County. Benjamin Whiteman built the first log cabin which was close to a log mill owned by Owen Davis. This cabin was constructed in 1798 and held the first meeting for the various judges of Greene County. This meeting of the judges laid out an order from the court to have all of the boundaries designated and recorded.

Beavercreek constructed a corn mill which became the first corn mill north of Cincinnati. The mill was called the Alpha Mill and was thus named after the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Due to Indian fears the Township built a stockade that housed the mill, two block houses, and the courthouse. The first licensed Tavern in the county came into existence after the old log courthouse was converted into a Tavern.

Mr. Needles and Mr John Harbine developed plans in 1854 for the Township. When the Pennsylvania Railroad came through the area, Mr Harbine allocated land and therefore the railroad station was named Harbine. This area became a lively manufacturing center with a distillery, cotton mill, flour mill, sawmill, oil mill, woolen mill, and grist mill. There was also a large shipping business in the Township including grain and tobacco.

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