American Packard Museum

Learn About The Automotive History In The US With A Visit To The Packard Museum

In a society where everything is gauged on technological and interactive experiences, a visit to a modest historical landmark may not seem very exciting. However, when you visit the American Packard Museum in Dayton, Ohio is not only different from the rest, it is also a visit that is extremely worthwhile. This museum do not display re-creations, these are authentic artifacts that are considered part of the Packard Motor Car Company’s history.

The building that houses the museum was originally constructed to serve as the premier Packard Dealership in Dayton. Although it was empty for many decades, it has been revamped to honor all things related to the Packard brand. The restorations, the parts and the history that lies in the inside of the museum.

The History Of The Museum

American Packard Museum

The museum is housed in a prototype-Deco building that was designed by Albert Kahn, and was constructed in 1917. The Citizens Motor Car Company also became a part of the official Packard distributorship for a large part of the Midwest area of the country.

Once inside of the museum, you will notice that the setup is very similar to a vintage movie set. The sales offices around the dealership’s main floor gives the appearance that the museum is really a car dealership that is still very much in business. This impression is reinforced by the tall neon Packard sign that stands 20 feet tall outside. There are also a variety of cars on display that can be clearly seen through the expansive windows. A black telephone, a briefcase and period furniture help to complete the look.

The museum was a founding tribute for Robert Signom, Sr. from his attorney son, Bob. Bob was also a curator and a collector for the museum. His father lost many possessions during the Great Depression, but one of the most profound was a 1928 Packard 6 Cylinder convertible coupe. The car was a symbol for success and quality.

The car now sits in the showroom of the museum. It was located after years of searching classified ads for a similar vehicle. The original one was found while Bob was on a business trip in New York.

Since 1992, the museum has continued to grow in stature and size. The museum won the James Bradley Award in 2004.

The History Of The Automotive Industry

Even though the ups and downs of the American automotive industry have greatly affected the economy of the Midwest region of the United States. However, during the first part of the 20th century, Ohio and the rest of the Midwest was buzzing with innovation and activity.

The Wright brothers were busy trying to create the perfect flying machine, Charles Kettering was working on several inventions including the generator, air conditioner and electric starter, and this meant that a Packard dealership would naturally be welcomed in the city.

Packard quickly became the dominant luxury car, bypassing even Cadillac. Packards were superbly engineered vehicles that ushered in several conveniences and safety features that are now standard in all makes and models of domestic vehicles.

The company was so well managed that it managed to stay afloat during the Great Depression even when many of its competitors were not so fortunate. The company went on to create engines for PT boats and fighter planes during the Second World War.

Venue Information

If you are looking for a unique venue to host your next event in Dayton, look no further than the Packard Museum. You can reserve and book different areas of the museum.

For example, you can rent the Pavilion. This area was constructed during the 1930s, and it can comfortably hold up to 225 people for a sit down dinner.

The Pavilion was built in the 1930s so the dealership could expand its service department and used car sales department.

You can also reserve the Main Museum that was built in 1917. It was the original factory, and comes complete with the beautiful Art Deco Showroom. It can hold up to 150 guests for sit-down dinners.

The Packard Museum is a Dayton historical landmark. Car lovers who want to take a ride back to simpler times may want to consider paying homage to the Packard Museum.

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